Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 19 - Amazing Medicine

Short and sweet?  Here it is: Medicine today is amazing.  You can have a heart that is only working at 20% efficiency, take a team of doctors who are good at their jobs, a hospital that has the facilities to perform procedures like stopping the heart and starting it all over again, and a little thing like a Life Vest that contains a defibrillator in case that heart were to stop suddenly.  Then add in about 2 months' time.  Add them all together and at the end of that 2 months what do you have?  Don't guess, I'll tell you.  You have a heart that is working at a miraculous 48%.  Some might say that's not enough...but the heart muscle in question only works at 50% when it's at optimum.  And that, folks, is why we are celebrating here at Pieceful Harbor!  Mr. Wonderful is no longer required to wear an electronic life vest, nor is he carrying around a 3 pound 'brick' attached to his waist.  I no longer sleep lightly, waking to make sure I can hear him breathing on the other side of the bed.  His heart has repaired itself to a level that have his team of doctors heaving a sigh of relief, I'm sure. 

Anything else I might tell you this week palls, really, doesn't it?  So I will leave you with this beautiful picture of a Red Peony that we planted last spring in the hopes that it would bloom this year....Huzzah!
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 18 - Mother Nature Has a Tantrum

This past week has been one to try the patience of a saintlier person than I am...I was pretty good, I will admit, though.

It started last weekend.  Rain and more rain all weekend long. Great for the aquifir, wonderful for the farmers.  Not so much for drivers who just want to get to work and home again.  Last week's total rainfall was, well, nothing compared to what we got since Thursday.  

I'll paint you a picture of life in the Ozarks this past 4 days - Thursday was the beginning of a storm the weather readers talked about all week. With dire warnings of water, water, and more water, 'turn-around-don't-drown' became the catchphrase on every TV channel.  John drives the interstate to/from work each day so there is slim chance of flooding there.  I drive from home to work 6 miles each way and there is rarely (I won't say never cause we've only lived here 13 years and I don't know about what came before we moved here) any flooding along the direct route I drive.  Our house sits high enough that flooding is just not an everyday factor we need to take into account.  Given all that, we still pay attention to the weather reports and predictions and make sure we have enough groceries, gas,  and reading materials so we don't even need to go into town if the rains get heavy.  And BOY, did the rains get heavy!  From Thursday early morning to noon today, we had a total of 9.11 inches of rain fall right here!  The town of West Plains in southeast Missouri is almost totally under water and the city officials had to turn off the power to the entire city because one of the power stations was threatened.  Branson is in a state of emergency with flooding from Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo increasing because the Table Rock Dam is having to release water at an alarming rate of 4.5 million gallons per minute - that's enough to fill 8 Olympic-sized swimming pools every single minute!  Schools are even being closed because buses can't get to the bus stops to pick up the kids...  That's the power of water, folks.  Here is a photo our neighbor sent us of the creek that runs just behind his house.
That's some fast water!

Sunday, today, we saw a strange phenomenon in the sky - 
A golden orb that pushed thru the clouds several times before it managed to break the clouds' hold on each other.  The orb warmed the air, and brought light and beauty back to the Ozarks.

 Our grove off the back deck facing north.  Green and clean.
Facing west. Clouds moving out.  

Now the cleanup begins for those areas hardest hit by the flooding.  Our Governor has declared Missouri a disaster area so there should be some help coming for those folks needing it.  The only 'damage' we got was a lot of water in the crawlspace under the house.  This is a bit misleading cause for most of the area of the crawlspace, John can stand upright...but there's a lot of water collecting under the house and the little sump pump John uses is working it's little motor so hard!  It will be hours and more hours before it gets most of the water pumped out.  

On a happier note, I was able to finish a pair of socks that were part of Sock Madness...they were the Qualifying pair and I was only able to get one sock done in the time allowed...that got me a place on Team Cheerleader and guaranteed that I get each pattern as it's released to the folks who are still competing.  I vowed to finish the pair, even if I wasn't going to be working toward going on to the next round.  This past week, I finally completed those socks...I give you Twisted Madness in Hedgehog Fibres yarn colorway Villain.
My mannequin feet won't stand up on their own - hence the coffee can in the background.  Not a great picture, but at least you can see them done.\

Our son and his wife won a trip to Puerto Vallarta thru his work and they went last week.  Big John sent Young John a text telling him the when he(Big John) was in PV many years ago, he had carved his initials in the sand...he asked Young John and his Jill to look for them while they were there.  On Saturday morning, we got this...
Yes, they were walking along the beach on their last day in Puerto Vallarta and the surf pulled back and revealed the initials "JK"...A Miracle!!! 

On that note, we hope you have a smile on your case, and we wish you a wonderful week until we meet again,
Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 17 - Welcome Rain

This week went by so quickly.  It's hard to remember what made it special.  I think mostly it was the rain.  We had quite a bit of rain - around 3 inches total - and all the trees and flowers and roads are washed so clean and bright.  This is the view off the back deck...
I love this time in the Ozarks.  The greens are so
green and the blues are so blue.

The trees are budding and winter is just a memory. 

Even the barn seems to be brighter and happier.

John moved the cows from the lower field to the upper field during the week and now they are back in the lower field.  It's almost as though they can tell time - about 6 o'clock every evening they line up facing the house, waiting for John to come down and feed them...

Little Beggars!  That's Rosie in the far left behind Beast.  And Belle is the one in the front (right) Rosie and Belle will be going to a friend's farm to be bred soon( a friend of ours calls it Sex Camp for Cows)... and Beast is going to Freezer Camp this summer, then he's going to Utah.  Mmmm, Mmmmm, Good!

John is working on finishing some small repairs to a wall in our master bedroom suite and then, and THEN, we get paint.  Finally, after 13 years, the bedroom will be painted and perhaps we can call it finished. Now to agree on the color scheme...once the painting is done. we can move the TV and bookshelves in there and maybe a couple of easy chairs...a real sitting room!  I'm so excited. 

Well, folks, that's about all for this week.  Rains and beautiful trees and flowers and cows...yep, that's the way we roll.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 16 - Easter

Happy Easter to you all...while I'd like to say that we started the day with a sunrise service and then breakfast with our family and a day of egg hunts and family togetherness, but it just doesn't happen that way around here.  Anyone who knows me knows that sunrise is not a time of day that I understand....I am not now, nor have I ever been, and probably never will be a morning person.  And we haven't been to church in over 10 years - the one and only Catholic church in our little town is just not a very welcoming one and we haven't felt a need to find somewhere else to go.  No egg hunts here, since we don't have any small children to entertain, and family togetherness isn't practiced here.  We DID, however, have breakfast together. Waffles and sausage patties made from our own pork along with homemade syrup.  With a cup of freshly ground coffee and you have a wonderful Sunday morning breakfast.   

I wasn't feeling up to par so I went back to bed - woke up quite refreshed at 2 in the afternoon!  Something I rarely do but evidently I needed the rest. And then on to regular Sunday chores - laundry and the blog.  I also made a Key Lime Pie and a Lemon cake with lemon frosting for after dinner tonight.  

John spent most of the afternoon over at a neighbor's house, helping them to look for the neighbor's dog...Bella is a 4-year-old German Shepherd and she never goes missing!  They spent over 3 hours looking for her, asking neighbors if they'd seen her, calling and driving around.   No luck!  Hopefully, someone picked her up and will try to locate her home - she wears a rabies collar tag and is chipped so any veterinarian could find out where she belongs. Will update next week.

Mr. Wonderful had an extra day off this week for the Good Friday holiday.  He used it to install 2 ceiling fans on the front porch - something we've talked about doing since we moved in 13 years ago.

He did a great job of it, didn't he?  Now we can sit on the front porch of an evening and not have bugs flying around our heads!

Well, folks, nothing much else to tell you.  Until next time, 
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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 15 - Sky and Clouds and Weather

So this past week was a mixture of clouds and rain and extreme weather - in other words, The Usual here in the Ozarks during early Spring. 

It's not unusual for TV shows to be interrupted for storm updates.  Nor is it usual to see the following in the Spring here in the Ozarks. If you embiggen the photo, you can see Seymour.  That town is about 15 miles south and east of us.  This was the other evening.  No severe weather came our way - we're pretty lucky that way.

Most of the pretty days are, well, truly pretty.  Here is what I drove home to the other day.
Big, fluffy clouds in a crystal blue sky.  Green grass and budding trees.  Truly gorgeous!

And another.
I've always been enchanted by clouds....they are white and fluffy and gray and black and menacing and everything in between.  And I never get tired of seeing them in the sky.  

Have spent the last few days working on projects that need finishing.  Socks that need a mate to the first one, a doll sweater, a block of the month that I started with the best intentions of doing each block during the month it came out and yesterday I finished all the hand-work on the January block!  Yes, I'm a bit behind on that one.  I also worked up the block from my local quilt shop that I do each year - May's block is done, as well as being caught up on all the ones for this year in a different color way...yes, I'm an overachiever!  

I'm off to finish the laundry.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 14 - Thankfulness

Thankfulness....I've been thinking about this word all week.  Is one only thankful during the 3rd week of November?  That seems to the time when we concentrate on being thankful.  Are we only full of thanks then, or can we be full of thanks at other times?  This week, I was reminded that one can be thankful anytime...any time we have something to be thankful for and take the time to recognize it.  That being said, I am so thankful this week.  Here's why:

Mr. Wonderful had another procedure on his heart on Wednesday.  I haven't gone into a lot of details about his health challenges but suffice to say, he has been dealing with some cardiac issues since he first went to Utah and began work there.  He caught pneumonia in the course of his work and his heart was compromised as a result.  Thankfully, he was put in contact with a group of doctors who worked diligently to help him and his heart recover...when he came home 2 years ago, our amazing general practitioner connected him to another wonderful group of cardiology doctors...thru the course of several procedures, his various problems have been discovered and addressed.  While he is not 100% healed, he is certainly on the right road to recovery.  And here is where my thankfulness comes in...not once has Mr. Wonderful presented any symptoms...NOT ONCE!  If certain tests had not been ordered (they were looking for other things and making sure they dotted i's and crossed t's), they would not have discovered his conditions.  It has been a matter of providence that the medical folks in charge of his care have looked, seen, and understood how to treat him.  He still has some challenges but I have confidence in his team to watch his back (and his heart).  Can anyone not understand why I am so thankful?

I sometimes come upon a picture that just tickles me, for no reason at all.  Here's one to make you smile...I dare you not to smile! This is how new airplanes happen.

I belong to an online community thru  It's made up of millions of folks throughout the world who are knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners...they are divided into "groups" of folks who share common interests -  a love of Dancing with the Stars, PenPals, American Girls Dolls - honestly, if you have an interest, there's a group for you.  While the primary interest we all share is fibre arts, we break down into smaller groups.  I belong to several groups (28 of them actually) although I'm not 'active' in all of them. If you are a member or want to be a member, it's free to sign up.  And I can be found as IIIMOM if you look under People.  One such group is a Wee Tiny Fairytale and Folklore group.  Each quarter the moderators (I'm one of the 3 moderators) choose a fairy tale, folk tale, or legend and folks sign up to participate.  We are paired off with a partner and each of us puts together a 'care' package based on the theme.  The package must include a wee tiny sock knit or crocheted to the theme (design is up to the maker) and one other small item.  It should include a couple of other things (stickers, mini skeins, pencils, candy, etc.) This quarter I am moderating a swap base don Willy Wonka...I leave you with the following:
Paradise is all around us if we will only stop, look, and appreciate.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 13 - And it's finished!

Last week I showed you the finished re-hab of the pantry.  It was bare shelves and it made me so happy.  Today, I am showing you the completely reloaded pantry.  It makes me even happier.


Not all the shelves are full or even used....and very little on the floor, which was one of the goals. 

We've had lots of rain this past few days...we sure did need it.  All the grasses are green, the trees and leaves are really shiny.  I think spring has actually sprung around here.

The next project on the agenda is to install ceiling fans on the front porch...that should only take less than a day since all the wiring is already done.  It's just a matter of getting the fans and installing them.  Will post pictures once that's done

Other than reloading the pantry, there hasn't been a lot going on here at Pieceful Harbor this week.  So I won't even try to fill up a page.  

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 12 - FInally!

When John built this house back in 2003-2004, he made room for a huge pantry.  We always planned to put in permanent shelving but never could agree on the design...wire shelves, wooden shelves, glass  shelves?  Well, after lots of talks and discussions and disagreements we finally came to an understanding that wire shelving was the way to go.  John decided he was finally ready to start this project and I recommended he start with one wall and go from there.  We've used flimsy metal shelves that we bought as a stopgap when we lived in military housing in Rhode Island. (see picture #4)  He went last weekend and bought the hardware to begin the project...while I was at work on Friday he emptied the pantry (wow is that room big!). And he began to attach the standards and brackets and shelves...Here is what I came home to on Friday...

Yes, there was food and utensils and pots and pans everywhere, even in the foyer.

He spent all day yesterday while I worked again and all day today and this is the amazing result.
While John was and drilling and doing what men do when they have power tools to play with, Mom and I went through all the food items and pitched everything that had expired.  Then we labelled all the containers so we;d know what was in them - wheat flour, cornmeal, saltines, cereal, etc.  We are now slowly re-loading the pantry, Anything that we don't use, or haven't used in the last 5 years, is being donated to the local LDS Church for their garage sale next month, the proceeds of which go to camp scholarships. This picture makes me so darned happy!  

And now you know why I call him Mr. Wonderful....he only does quality work and I never have to worry that things are going to fall down on top of me.  

We got a donation at the library - well, that's nothing new...we get them a lot-- this week there was one particular book that had all us girls tickled.  The book was a small one,

 We learned a lot from this little gem. For example, 
Flowers sent by a secret admirer might be coated with poison. 
Gesticulate like crazy to stop an ornery ox.
And here's another:
Never interrupt a voodoo doctor. 
Or this one:
Even with an active lifestyle, being prompt is important.
But my favorite was:
When the lights suddenly go out, hold onto your diamonds for dear life. 

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 11 - Busy Week

This past week was quite lovely, in spite of the tornado watch/warnings on 2 different days.  

Tuesday mom and I had dentist appointments, just 1/2 yearly cleanings and no cavities for either of us. Yeah!!! We grabbed some lunch and then treated ourselves to a movie.  Several years ago I came upon a book that really impacted me.  The Shack  is one of those books that stay with you for a long time.  I bought a copy for my mom and she got several copies for friends.  And this past week, the movie they made from the book came out.  It's spectacular! I mean it's really, really good.  Spent a lot of time with tears running down my chin and left the theater with a wet collar.  We both agreed when this movie comes out on DVD, it's going to become a part of our collection.   

Both on Tuesday and Thursday nights we had tornado warnings/watches.  The weather was a perfect combination of warm ground and cold air to spawn tornadoes.  There were several all around us but, as usual, we were spared.

On Friday, we met with friends for dinner at Mangia.  We usually meet with these friends about once every 6 weeks or so...And we try to go to different restaurants. We have some favorites that we go to again and again but this time we tried something different.  Oh, golly, the food was amazing and our server, Ali, was the epitome of Good Service.  

I love Italian food and this was so yummy...everyone had something different and we all agreed that there wasn't anything that was less than stupendous!

Finally, I'm still working on the qualifying sock/s for Sock Madness.  The pattern is quite trying, to say the least and I have resigned myself to only completing one sock by the deadline this Thursday.  That will put me on the cheerleader team and will not allow me to compete but I will receive all the patterns for the competition.  And, I'm okay with that.  Some of the seasoned competitors from years past are also struggling with the pattern and will not go on to compete either.  I'll show you the finished sock once it's done.  

Got this picture earlier this week. This one was taken way back in the early 1970's...not sure exactly when.  It's my brother on his motorcycle...we were all so darned young then, weren't we?

John has been working on finishing mom's closet this weekend.  And it's now done.  Mom is tickled to have so much storage room now.


And she can hang her clothes a lot better now, too.  These pictures show the two closets that sit side-by-side, 

Well, I'm off to knit some more on my sock...until next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 10 - In Which the Madness Begins

The annual Madness has started....Sock Madness.  Yes, folks, SM11 began on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. my time.  With the release of the pattern entitled Twisted Madness, the international sock speed-knitting contest has begun.  I downloaded the pattern and printed it out as soon as it came out but I needed to finish work before I could cast on.  Once home, the needles and yarn were put to use immediately.  I diligently knitted that evening, again on Friday once we got home from running errands, and again on Saturday and even today...I got as far as the gusset/heel and then ......then....I noticed several things.  First, the sock was never going to fit over my heel. Second, there were 3 different mistakes on each of 2 different rows on the leg, Third, I'd somehow knit row one of the pattern twice in the heel and really messed up the whole thing!  Since this pattern involves twisted stitches - a lot of twisted stitches - there was nothing I felt I could do except rip the whole thing out and start again, this time on larger needles and paying much better attention to what I was knitting.  So now, I've knit the cuff and 14 rows of the 60 rows I need on the leg before I can start the heel/gusset again.   Most of you might say, no big deal...but let's add in the fact that I lost 2+ days of knitting and I MUST get the pair done by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 16th and you can probably see why I might be just a tad stressed.  I've been having a really good heart-to-heart with myself this evening and I believe I have come up with something that makes me not so stressed.  You see, the whole idea of qualifying was to get onto a team and compete...that's what I've done each of the last 10 years.  But, if I can be satisfied, this year, to only finish one sock, then I will not be put on a competition team BUT will be on Team Cheerleader and still get all the patterns. Not bad consolation, right?  All the pressure is off me now...I know I can get one sock done by the deadline....if I get another one done, so much the better.  So I'm knitting the sock correctly and not worrying about getting a pair done.

Yesterday was a lovely day here in the Ozarks, a bit chilly but sunny and bright.  John got the harrow from our neighbor and spent the morning harrowing the two fields so the cows didn't have to dodge their cowpies ....the harrow is so maneuverable that he was able to use Eyeore, our Kawasaki mule to pull it around the fields.  

Mom and I have dentist appointments on Tuesday and then we are going to see the movie The Shack.  We both loved the book and are so excited to see how Hollywood treated it.  I always saw Queen Latifah as the main character but I see that Octavia Spencer has the role.  I really enjoy her acting so I think she will do justice to the role of God.  Will report back next week how the movie measured up.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 9 - Knitting and Weather and Reading

Sometimes, one has to wonderful WHY, oh why do we have a cat?  Some would say it's for the companionship, others would say because they wanted to provide a home to a rescued animal...Our Gilligan hates not being the center of attention. So much so, he is willing to sit anywhere to be in your view.  Here, I'm working on a 2 color sock that requires quite a bit of my attention.  Naturally, Gilligan decided that HE needed that attention more than the sock did. He slowly worked his way up onto the table, then onto the arm of my chair and finally onto my lap where my view of the knitting was totally obscured.  Mom snapped this photo as proof.  Silly Kitty!  I ended up putting the knitting down and giving him my full attention for a few minutes.  Then I pitched him off my lap and went on knitting. 

I am the cataloguer at the local library.  That means any book that comes into the library and it's decided that it will be put onto the shelves must go thru my hands.  Occasionally a book crosses my desk that gives me the giggles or stops me in my tracks.  Just such a book crossed my path this past week.  The title is God Went to Beauty School by Cynthia Rylant.  It was new several years ago and I was so delighted by the contents that I got a copy of myself and one for my mom and one for my daughter-in-law.  Written in a poetry-like form, it tells the story of what God saw and did when He went to beauty school, ice skating,  and several other quite ordinary endeavors.  I highly recommend this book for a lovely quiet read that's guaranteed to make you feel good and smile.

We've had a fairly mild winter so far.  Only 3 snow days in December and nothing since then.  And the temps have been so out of normal - mostly 50's to 70's in January and February.  Today, we were sitting in the studio discussing our garden plans for this year when Mom came in and told us that it was snowing...yes, snowing!  It's been snowing off and on all day and no accumulation because the ground is so warm.  They say, if you don't like the weather in Missouri, just wait 15 minutes, it will change.  Today has proven that to be  so true.  

You can barely see it, but that's snowflakes coming the time it hit the ground, it melted.  No icy roads...the temps are around 35 degrees but the wind makes it feel much colder.  March is our drought month so this moisture sure is welcome.  We are expecting more rain toward the end of this net week...yeah!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 8 - He Lives!

Okay, that might be overly dramatic....But now you want to know the rest of the story, don't you?  Here goes...

John got sick right after he moved to Utah in 2013...the pneumonia affected his heart and he's been under the care of a cardiologist since then.  He's doing very well and we are perfectly confident in the doctor's treatments and recommendations.  .  

Now, a short while ago, he saw his cardiologist for his regular checkup. The doctor wanted him to see another cardiologist specialist...which he did.  That doctor wanted to have him do a stress test and echo cardiogram in preparation for possibly doing a procedure to help with his Atrial Fibrillation.  He had both of the tests a week ago Friday...on the way home, yes, on the way home!  He received a call from his regular cardiologist that they had seen something hinky on the stress test and he was going in to have an angiogram on Tuesday - no discussion!  So, Tuesday morning sees us at the Hospital at 6:00 a.m.  His procedure was at 7:30 and by 7:40 they came in to tell us (me and mom) that they'd found a blockage in one of the arteries in his heart and were putting in a stent...he was back in recovery by 8:30, slightly groggy but awake enough to talk to us and know what had happened.  His regular cardiologist came in to talk to us and said that the blockage was at 85% on the central artery in the heart.  They were able to install a stent and the damage to the heart will take about a year but he should be fine.  He starts Cardiac Rehab in about 5 weeks...some slight changes to diet and carrying nitro glycerine tabs in his pocket - just in case.  He went back to work today - the rest of last week he was off and by the 2nd day he had cabin fever so bad so he's really happy to be back at work.

We are so thankful for the amazing staff at Mercy Hospital...from the wheelchair pusher to the surgeons, from the nurses to the patient advocates...they were absolutely the best!  

All of the above, and they still haven't decided what they want to do about the AFib. I think the heart blockage took they can look at what they might want to do about the AFib soon enough.

As one might imagine, last week was mostly about John's situation so nothing much else happened.  This blog post will be short of necessity.  I'll try to post more next time.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 7 - Ummm, I have no words. See for yourself

Let's start off this post with my day on is where I spent the day.
Yes, that is Juror #41...while I have no argument with doing one's civic duty, spending an entire day sitting on hard wooden benches and waiting for the defense and the prosecution to complete their voir dire process to then NOT being chosen for the jury makes me cranky.  Top that with the fact that they let me have my knitting (bless them) but NOT my kindle or cell phone (I understand not wanting the prospective jury to be able to take pictures or post on the net or research - but they wouldn't let me read on my kindle and I hadn't brought a real book with me!) That makes for a long day and a cranky Sally!  Granted, what probably pushed me off the jury was the fact that it was a drug related case and both my brothers are law enforcement officers and the defense seemed to want to defame the arresting officer...that would not have set well with me, let me tell you!  I can still be called for a case anytime between now and the end of June...if I serve on a case, then I won't be called for a minimum 2 years.  At least this week is over!

Now to other noteworthy happenings here at Pieceful Harbor...that being my crazy husband and his best friend. Our barn was built in 1937 - we know this because the cornerstone says so.  It has the original wooden sides and the original metal roof. With all the wind we get here in the Ozarks, the roof takes a beating and will occasionally lift off the boards.  Such is the case this weekend.  John and his friend, our next door neighbor, decided that today was the day to repair the barn roof.  Now, this is a tall barn - and the 22 foot extension ladder is not tall enough to get him where he needs to be to fix that metal roof.  What to do, what to do......well, in the Ozarks, you use a tractor to lift the ladder in the bucket and then extend the ladder to to top of the roof.  Typically, you would hear the following, "Hey, hold my this.'"  

You need a spotter on the tractor.  That's our neighbor, John...he's in charge of the emergency brake on the bucket holding the ladder...and calling 911 if necessary.  

Three screws later, the job was done.  Mr. Wonderful said it brought back memories of being tied to the yardarm on a huge navy ship and changing the airspeed 'birds' many years ago...'Piece of cake", says he!  

I will say, he has better stamina, energy, and balance than anyone I have ever known...And he wonders why I call him my Hero!

I'll have some more news next week....hopefully it's good news....asking for unspoken prayers, especially on Tuesday...until then,

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 6 - Just Keeping Up

This winter, both John and I have had some medical challenges..nothing truly serious, just challenging.  His cardiologist wants him to see another specialist regarding another cardiac procedure for his Atrial Fibrillation...his heart has begun to reduce in size (Yeah!!!) but the AFib is still present and they want to try to get his heart back into normal rhythm.  Another series of tests this next week and they can come up with a plan of action.  My doctor does routine blood tests every 6 months and in October found that my kidneys were shutting down...I didn't even have any symptoms so this was news to me.  She took me off a couple of my medications and the kidneys have now 'repaired' themselves but I can no longer use those two meds...this is fine except one of them was an anti-inflammatory for my arthritic knees....I am now reduced to using pain meds 3 times a day just to be able to ambulate around with a cane at times and I can't stand much longer than 10 minutes or walk much more than 100 yards without crazy pain..  My concern was with addiction and she assures me there is no fear of that with the meds she has me on so I'm good. 

John has been getting things ready for spring around here.  He sent his riding lawn mower in for it's Spring Tune-up this last week.  Today he want out and collected soil samples to take to the Missouri Extension Center for analysis...hopefully we won't need to add any more amendments to the soils so our 'grass' grows well for the cows.  Speaking of cows, how about a cow picture?

From left to right you have Beast, Belle, and Rosie.  Beast and Belle belong to our son and his family in Utah...Rosie is ours.  Rosie is almost 18 months old and the others are a bit over a year old.  They are so fun to watch out in the field.  And easy to spot, even in the snow!

Yesterday we went into Springfield so I could have my eyes turns out one of my eyes needed more correction than the other and I ended up ordering new glasses...I'm going to try transition lenses this time...that way I won't have to carry around my sunglasses.

It's hard to tell but these are incredibly similar to the ones I'm wearing now...but with an adjusted script on the left eye.  Can't wait to get them sometime near the 13th of the month...

And now, for just a bit of humor...

That's just about all I still fit into!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 5 - I'm trapped, and I can't get out!

Last week I told you that we had a fox problem here at Pieceful Harbor.  John and our neighbor put their heads together and decided that the only way to handle the one or more foxes was to trap them and dispatch them.  They placed a trap out near our tree line in the north field the other day and primed it with raw chicken.  They did NOT, however, actually set the trap.  The idea was to get the creature used to getting food from the inside of the trap without fear of it trapping it...once it had taken the bait a couple of times, they really set the trap.  

 And the next night, this is what they saw ...yes, folks, that's a possum.
Needless to say, they let him go...he's not the creature that is killing out chickens. so he got a hall pass! As John said, "I've go no war with you!".

Things have been pretty quiet here on the farm...the above is the most exciting thing to happen this week. 

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 4 - When One Lives in the Country...

When one lives n the country, one must remember that certain things are inevitable.  Power outages are not addressed quite as quickly as those same issues in the city.  Items one likes in the markets are not always available in the country.  Movie theaters are farther away - necessitating driving farther to get away from reality for a short while.  And wild animals are more prevalent in the country.  

That was brought into blazing clarity this past week.  You've heard me talk about John's rooster, Foghorn Leghorn and his harem of 6....about 3 weeks ago, Foghorn went missing and John found the evidence of his disastrous meeting with a fox out in the meadow.  And Thursday, 3 more of the females met their own demise.  I had spotted the fox earlier that morning - he certainly wasn't suffering from starvation....and now he's had 3 more chickens during the morning....I'm kinda hoping he had indigestion after his hunting and killing spree!

We have tons of gray foxes here in southwest Missouri..and they aren't warm and cuddly creatures, in spite of their looks.  They are grisly killers!
I mean, 3 chickens in one morning?  Killers! John is going to place a Have-a-Heart trap over in one of the fields where he thinks the fox 'travels'.  He won't actually set the trap for a few days, only put it there with some chicken meat...once the fox is used to having it there - and getting some food there - then John an arm the trap and catch the bugger...and then he can dispatch Mr. GrayFox so the remaining 3 chickens are safe from that predator.

On another note, John and I cleaned out the area of our sitting room where I'd put all the items we had been storing in mom's room - until she moved in with us, that is.  We spent over 6 hours sorting and purging and then John put all the stuff we are saving up into the attic - including 11 huge plastic tubs of quilts - yes, that is eleven!!!!  The sitting area is now clear of all items except one cabinet that will stay - it houses some quilts behind a glass door and can act as a TV stand.  John is devising a plan to do some minor repairs to a wall and then paint that room - and we can then place the book shelves and mount a huge TV and actually use it as a sitting room!  I can't wait!!!

It's cold and rainy and mostly an icky day today...not complaining - we need the rain.  But it is what it is...cold and rainy and icky.  I'm off to make a cup of tea and knit for a while.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 3 - When Snow Turned to Ice

Our weather since the New Year has been just weird!  Christmas Day's temps were in the mid-60's, then we had some subzero days, and then back up to 50's and 60's...last week we went from 60's to under freezing and today it's back up to the 40's.  In addition to below freezing weather, we had rain, sleet, freezing rain, and ice.  The library was closed on Friday due to ice and John doesn't work on Fridays so we all stayed home safe and warm.  

Ice on the window....looks pretty.
Icicles hanging off the roof.

Cold Big Green Egg.

The trees outside the front door. Brrr.

The ice did not accumulate more than 1/4 inch which is that thickness, we did not lose power..Yeah!

I recently saw some cute memes that made me think of my nephew, Scott....He is in middle school and just starting to take chop classes...he made mom a beautiful turned-wood pen...Here's to you, Scott.

I know these aren't supposed to be funny but they sure did tickle my funny bone.  And they are so true!

Got to talk to my friend, Shelly, in California via Skype this morning....I miss our visits so much and whenever we get to Skype, it's like we were never separated....She and our other friend, Meredith, are my quilting muses!  Good friends are hard to find and when one is lucky enough to find one, or two or three, it takes lots of work to keep them, If they're worth it, it doesn't even feel like hard work.  That's the way I feel about Shelly, and Fran, and Meredith.  

Oh, here's another picture of some of our property.
One of the cedar trees by the road dropped some branches...several trees on the property dropped branches but I couldn't say if they were due to icing or were just hanging out and fell with them wind and the rain and ice.  Needless to say, John has a morning of limb-gathering in front of him.  

We are expecting more rain and higher temps this next week. With luck, we won't have any more ice this winter.  Fingers crossed.

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