Friday, April 8, 2011

Soul Stud!

Several yarn shops in this area are sponsoring a Yarn Crawl and I decided to check them out. I usually only go to one yarn shop - my favorite One City Market (Hi, Lisa!) but the opportunity to check out other shops was just too much. Included in the knitter's version of a shop hop is the White River Alpaca Farm. Stacy and her husband have some really darling alpacas...I got to meet Soul Stud - he's a really lady's man! And his fur is so soft..poor baby was so hot and he is not scheduled for sheering till next week. His eyes are huge and so soulful.

This past weekend, John and I went to the commissary at Fort Leonard Wood...first time since the beginning of January. Once John brought all the bags in, our Gilligan decided he needed to make sure that black bag didn't levitate off the counter. I recall a friend saying that cats are either "up" cats or "down" cats....Gilligan is definitely an "Up" cat!

Finished the Shop Hop today with my friend Peggy...had a lovely time visiting a couple more shops and then got some Chinese food for lunch. Am now home and about to continue knitting the Round 3 socks for Sock Madness....Will post a picture once I get a bit further the meantime, please keep good thoughts winging their way toward me and my fingers....there are only 25 people from my team going on the Round 4.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hay, Man!

Today was one of the first days that the air outside wasn't frigid and breezy. A beautiful spring day. One of our friends stopped by to deliver hay for our cows. It's amazing how excited John gets when the HayMan stops by! And the cows get a bit excited about it, too. Now they've got enough to last till the grass starts growing in the south and north fields.
Sock Madness 5 is in full force. I made it into the 2nd Round and began the pattern for Nornir. It's a deceptively simple pattern...I say deceptive cause it looks quite easy and simple. While it really is easy and simple, it takes forever to knit. I began to think that someone came in each night and unraveled everything I did the day felt as though I'd never get done with them. I finally finished, sent my email to the organizers along with the required picture, and snagged spot #29 out of 37 to get into Round 3. Here are the socks I have since named Groundhog Day Socks! Knit with a lovely yarn by Pagewood Farms with the colour name of Army Girl.
I've no idea when Round 3 starts, probably sometime during this next week. Will have to post once I've got those socks finished.

I'm knitting Easter Socks at the moment...will post once they are done.

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