Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week 45 - Fast Internet

One of the drawbacks of living in the country is slow internet.  Yes, we have few neighbors...Yes, we see so many more stars than you who live in the city...Yes, it's quiet and peaceful.  But the lack of internet speed has driven Mr. Wonderful nuts all 13 years we've lived here.  A few months back he spied work being done on the internet hubs along the highway and stopped to talk to the appeared that they were upgrading the fiber to allow for faster service to the outlying areas.  This past week I talked to our internet/phone provider and found that it was up and running and we were eligible for the newer-faster service.  We had to change our home phone number to accommodate the bundled package but, since all the changes they required resulted in a much lower monthly price, we agreed to it.  Yesterday was our day!  Our home phone number has changed.  You can email me at for the new number. I honestly don't know if the internet service is as fast as they said it would the time I logged on to my computer, it was late, I was cranky, and it didn't seem all that much faster.  But it could have been me...I'll wait to hear from Mr. Wonderful if he thinks it's faster.

The holiday season is upon us...that means it's time to think about decorating for for Thanksgiving dinner, and finishing up the holiday shopping.  I knew Mr. Wonderful was going to take a load of processed beef out to Nebraska a couple of weeks ago so I hurried and finished most of the 'big' shopping for the Utah family and he took it out and gave it to Young John.  That sure did save on the cost of shipping it all out!  I only have gift cards to mail to Utah now.  I'm almost, but not quite, done with the shopping and/or creating for the family here in Missouri.  Then I only have cards left to do...easy peasy!

Mr. Wonderful took all 3 of the lady cows to the vet this last weekend to check on their pregnancy progress.  Our Rosie is about 4 months pregnant, Belle is about 3 1/2 months pregnant, and Garnet is not pregnant at all. Evidently she is elderly (not normally a problem in an 11-year-old cow) but she's also quite fat and that stopped her from getting pregnant the last 2 times she was bred.  Our philosophy is that if you don't earn your way at Pieceful Harbor, you don't stay.  Therefore, Garnet has an appointment at Freezer Camp at the end of January (the first available date they could take her).  She is about 1800 pounds and will yield just under 1000 pounds of meat.  Some of the cuts one gets on a younger cow are not going to work for this older one...but those items can go into hamburger.  And I love me some home-grown hamburger.  We will most likely end up with around 400 pounds of the stuff along with steaks, roasts, brisket, cube steaks, and stew meat.  Now I need to defrost one of the freezers and organize so we have room for 1000 pounds of beef.  Frankly, that's one of the jobs that make me happy!

Here's a picture of my companion lately...he gets on my craft table and plops himself down in front of me so I can't knit, or work on the computer, or anything except pet boy!

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