Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 2 - January in Missouri

Our temperatures continue to see-saw.   This past week we went from the mid-30s to mid-60s and now down to the mid-20s with snow.  
Even the cows are not immune to the snowfall.  John put out fresh hay for them yesterday and that lump of hay at the front right of the photo fell off the roll...all 3 cows headed for it and laid down in it.  I figure it was really warm for them to lay down.

Since this is a holiday weekend - Martin Luther King Holiday is tomorrow -  and I always have Tuesdays off, I've got an especially long weekend.  I'm tidying up the studio - slowly - and hope to get in some sewing while I'm at it.

My office partner loves to watch cooking shows on youtube.  He decides he wants to make pasta or cook a roast a different way and heads to youtube to see how others do it.  He is particularly fond of this one woman who has a Russian accent and is really funny.  The other day, he started to laugh at lunch...I turned around and this was the disclaimer on her site for whatever she was going to cook that day:

Allergy Warning:
This contains a scale, a calculator, and might contain traces of math!

It struck me and I started to giggle myself!  

Gilligan hasn't asked to sneak outside recently...I can't imagine anyone wanting to go outside with the snow and the cold.  John found him like this when he got up this morning.
Warm, safe and sleeping kitty!

John has to work tomorrow even though it's a holiday for most folks.  I think we will stay home and either sew or knit...maybe watch a movie.  No sense in going out in the snow and cold when we have a nice warm house.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 - Week 1

2018 has begun and it's started off fairly well.  My birthday was on Tuesday, the 2nd...let's not discuss the age issue.  Suffice to say, I am not a card-carrying Medicare recipient.  How the h*** did I get to be this old?  Never's all a state of mind anyway, so they say.

Mom's birthday was yesterday and she continues to amaze me.  I love that lady like crazy and we are so honored that she is living with us and trusting us to take care of her.  She got a ton of phone calls from friends and family all day long.  We all went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Bambino's, to celebrate both of our birthdays.  Braved the frigid temps and came home stuffed!  

Speaking of temperatures, we started off the new year with really cold - I mean frigid, I mean arctic temperatures.  The temperatures at night were below 0 and the temps during the day mostly got up in the teens.  Brrrrrr.  Today is a relatively mild day, rainy with wind chills that are sometimes making the rain freezing rain.  Fortunately, we are expecting the thermometers to get up to the high 30's, maybe into the 40's...and by Wednesday or Thursday we hope to see in the high 50's...I'm not stupid enough to expect the winter weather to stay, indeed.  We have 72 more days till spring and February is usually our 'worst' winter month I don't think we are done with snow yet.  As long as I don't have to drive in it, I'm good!

 I saw this on the internet the other day.  Sometimes the stuff I see really resonates with me and this one did.  I'll share it with you all.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

This past year has been a typical roller-coaster of a year...some good, some not-so-good.  But we finish it up in fairly good health, happiness and joy that our family and friends are well, and the hope for an even better 2018 to come.  

Blessings to you all...see you next year!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Week 52 and a bit - In Between

Wishing you a most awesome holiday.

Merry Christmas from John. Sally, Bette, Brscoe, and Gilligan.

Not a bad haul for 3 folks!

Santa thought we'd all been pretty good this year!

Kitty is exhausted - perhaps from exercising?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Week 52 - A Final Week to the Year

Can you believe it?  This is the final week of 2017.  I know we all say this but this year went so fast!  I can't believe how fast time seems to be flying as I get older.  Scary, really. 

This past week saw last minute wrapping of presents, prepping for a minor storm (just in case of snow and/or ice) and delivery of neighbor gifts.  We are now all snug in the warm house (temps are supposed to be below 30 degrees all day and the winds have picked up so that means even colder temps.) Defrosting some red beans for cajun red beans and rice dinner to be followed by our traditional White Christmas film viewing.  And, of course, awaiting the arrival of the Big Guy!  

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw this:

Deer grazing along the fence line and wild turkeys in the field.  Add to this the chickens (which you can't see) and the squirrel family who live in the barn, and you have a true country Christmas!  

Wishing you and yours a truly Merry Christmas.  Hoping Santa brings you everything you want and does not leave any coal in your stocking.  

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Week 51 - A Short Break

Yes, I totally forgot to write a blog post this past weekend and yes, I am regretful of that.  I will post this weekend, for sure...or maybe wait till after Monday so we have pictures of Christmas.  

Check back next week.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 50 - The Reason for the Season

I know, it's a cliche....but it's always true in my book.

Mom and I played hooky on Friday and went to the movies.  We saw The Star.
It's the story of Christ's birth, but told from the animals' perspective.  A delightful rendering of the Christmas story that brought us to happy tears.  I highly recommend it.  Once it comes out on DVD, it will join our favorite holiday movies!

On another note, our Elf on the Shelf showed up - late.  Bernard arrived today, a full 12 days later than the other elves have shown at other homes.  I guess, since we have no children in the household, he didn't feel the need to hurry.  
He landed in the bookshelves - seems he's also a reader, like me and mom! 

My local yarn shop, commonly known to knitters as LYS, got a new line of yarns in that just make me giggle. Mom likes them, too.  ASS yarns.  Rather irreverent but still make me smile.  
Here you see from left to right:
Jack ASS, Scary ASS, Cute ASS, and Not Gettin' Any ASS!  Those were my absolute favorites in the entire line. Will try to remember to show you the socks that come from them.  

It is getting colder here, just about every other day.  Warm, cold, warm, cold, etc.  And no rain in sight.  The last time we had significant rain was back in August...we really need some precipitation, and soon!  But, as far as I'm concerned, the snow can hold off indefinitely!

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