Sunday, February 10, 2019

Week 5 & 6 - Elephants and Turtles and Whales, Oh My!

The last couple of weeks I've spent taking items out of the studio, in preparations for John to change out the lights in the ceiling to LED lamps.  Those suckers are BRIGHT!  And make it so much easier to see when I'm sewing or knitting at night.

The Sewing Drought seems to be over.  Yesterday alone, I made up three rows from the 2015 Row by Row experience event.  The theme that year was H20 - or Water.  Se there were a lot of fish and water scenes.  Here are 3 of them.
Really fun to make.  I have several other kits with fish or undersea themes or boats.  Together, they will make a lovely little quilt.  Now to get time to finish them off!

It's cold and icy today.  The temps are above freezing so what little bit of rain we got this morning had turned to ice and is now melting.  They say we will have more ice later today.  I don't mind, as long as we don't have work tomorrow - then I can sew and not have to worry about driving in it.  

Our furnace is on the blink again.  Fortunately, it's still under warranty so it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get it repaired.  Punxatawyney Phil didn't see his shadow on Groundhog Day so they are predicting an early far as I'm concerned, Spring starts on March 20th, regardless of that silly groundhog's predictions.  

Sorry for the short blog post this time.  Mark this down on your calendars, as it's a rare occurrence - Sally didn't have a lot to say this week!  

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Week 4 - More Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

This week is even more of the cold stuff.  Today the temps started just above 0 and with the wind chill, well, let's say the temps haven't gone up much.  It is currently 9 degrees at almost noon...We had a dusting of snow overnight and all things considered, the schools decided to call a Snow Day.  The policy at the library is thus - if schools are closed, we are closed.  Hence, I have the day off.  I can't say I'm not glad.  I'm beginning to think I don't like working anymore.  There's plenty of things to do here at home - fun things, things I really want to do.  Work is a four letter word - need I say more?

John and our neighbor took the 2 boy cows over to the neighbor's property on is past time for them to be weaned.  Sometimes a mother cow will self-wean but our two moms are true nurturers!  Once they got the boys into the trailer and pulled out of the field, John shut and locked the gate and they began to drive off.  Our Rosie went kinda crazy!  She began bellerin' and running in circles, and generally acting like a mom who'd had her child taken out of her arms at gunpoint.  She calmed down after about 20 minutes and I went back to whatever I was doing when I heard the ruckus.

On Monday morning, Mom came in and said she thought John had taken the boys over to John P's place on Sunday.  I said, yes, he did.  She said, well, I've counted the number of cows at the hay ring and it seems we have a total of 4 over there.  Hmmm, says I, there should only be 2.  Yep, there are 4 cows over there.  Okay, I missed something, evidently.  

I went to work and since John P. is not only my neighbor and my John's best 
friend, he's also my office partner at the library.  I told him about finding 4 cows in the field when I expected to see only2.  He said, yes, he got a call about 2 hours earlier from another neighbor of ours and it seems the 2 boys found a break in the fence (or made one themselves) and came home to their mamas.  He came over right away and enticed them into the field with a bucket 'o feed - cows will follow a feed bucket really easy, at least our cows will.  So now we have 4 cows again- 2 of which still haven't been weaned - and this weekend it's fence-mending at Mr. P's place for my John.  

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Week 3 - Brrrrrrr

This past week we see how Mother Nature can be a typical woman!  She's all over the place, temperature-wise. From unseasonably warm temps to frigid numbers, all in one week.

This past weekend was Martin Luther King work for me on Monday since the library was closed for the holiday.  With today being my usual day off, I got a 4 day weekend. Yippee!  I sewed almost all day Saturday; Sunday was chore day, as usual.  Yesterday I spent moving stuff from the studio into another room in preparation for John to change out the lights in the studio from regular bulbs to LED bulbs....I can't wait!  Today I finished moving all the stuff out of the studio and now John has no obstacle to fixing my lights.  

In moving stuff, I find that some doesn't even need to live here anymore...I can take a bunch of stuff (mostly fabric that I bought long ago and really don't know why.  Our tastes change over time, doesn't it?) and give it away to allow more room in the studio for moving about. No pictures, I'm slightly embarrassed at the amount of 'stuff' that I've accumulated.  

In spite of the weather, the animals on this tiny farm still need attention.  Doesn't matter that the temps are frigid...snow on the ground, wind blustering, making the temps even more arctic than normal.  The cows still need hay.  
Brrrrrrrr.  He finished and came straight in to warm up!

Sometimes, when I'm sewing, I have company in the studio....and sometimes, my company decides he wants to help.
See that little black and white paw?  He sure wants to help.  
"Did I help, Mom?  Did I?"

Well, if you managed NOT to sew your paw while I was motoring down the seam, then, yes, you helped!  

It's time to get dinner turn to cook tonight.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 - Week 1 & 2 - Getting Started

Well, 2019 started off right nicely without us forcing ourselves to keep our eyes open and welcome the New Year.  We went to bed at the usual time, and, TA DA!  When we awoke on January 1st, the New Year had successfully been ushered in without our help.  I love that!  

Again, this year, I will try my darnedest to post a blog update each promises.  Just Try!  I just heard Yoda in my head saying "There is no Try, only do or do not."  Well, that little green guy doesn't live at my house and here we certainly do Try!  

We passed a relatively quiet and pleasant and uneventful holiday season...the new year began with just the 3 of us plus the fur people and cows and chickens.  The weather stayed pleasant - cold but no snow or ice.  Here we are on the 13th of January and our first snowfall occurred last night.  It wasn't supposed to snow, it did anyway.  Fortunately, we only go about 1/4 inch of snow so it won't prevent me from going to work tomorrow.  

We don't expect any more snow today...just really cold temperatures.  I'm so glad I don't have an outside job.  

Earlier this week, this was the view outside my studio window...yes, that is a herd of deer grazing just past our south field, in the neighbor's front yard.  Our neighbor texted John to tell him we almost had a deer on the front porch. 

Well, I'm off to start work on another quilt.  Since finishing DA BIG QUILT for my friend in New Jersey, I've completed 5 table runners, 2 wall hangings, and one full sized quilt.  Yesterday I finished 2 table squares - need to make up a backing for each of them and then they can go to the quilter.  I have 2 big quilts already cut out and ready to sew up.  That doesn' include any knitting projects, either.  

I've finished 3 pairs of FlipFlop socks to send to a friend in Georgia.  She doesn't want to give up her FlipFlops but her feet get a bit cold so I did some FlipFlop socks to wear that cover most of her feet except the toes...that should help.  Got the box ready to mail tomorrow so that's one more thing off my list! 

John hung new curtains in the Great Room for me, and he took down some miniblinds in our bedroom (we also have blackout curtains on those windows so the miniblinds are superfluous - and the kitten has destroyed them playing with the cords).  I've got a huge pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove - enough for dinner and then several more dinners worth to freeze.  The laundry is almost done. Now it's off to help mom get started on knitting a sweater for herself... And then I can spend the rest of the afternoon either knitting or sewing.  

I wish you a peaceful and happy week to come.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Week 52 - Wrapping Up the Year 2018

This past week we celebrated Christmas - just as so many other folks around the world did.  There were different traditions, different foods, different gifts....but mostly the same Christmas.  The joy and happiness of the season permeated the entire world - well most of it anyway.

While we didn't decorate as effusively as in years past (we have a new kitten and didn't want him climbing the tree and knocking it down and breaking ornaments), we did put up a tree - with lights and a topper - and stockings; couldn't NOT put up stockings.  

And while we were sleeping, Santa came!

And The Skipper cast himself as the Safekeeper of the Gifts! 
He abdicated his job once the gifts started to be unwrapped.
Gilligan, on the other hand, is an Old Hand at Christmas....he simply couldn't be bothered.
We invited our neighbor and another couple to Christmas dinner.  It was wonderful to spend a few hours with friends and catch up.  We got to talk to the Grands that evening and our son and his amazing wife, too.  Honestly, it doesn't get any better!

Well, 2018 is so close to being done that I'm going to call it a wrap!  We only have 3 more days left and I don't see anything crazy or noteworthy happening to make me want to add a post.  

We hope all of our family and friends (and anyone reading this is truly a friend!) have a safe and Happy New Year.  May 2019 be better and happier and more filled with love and joy that years before.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Week 51 - All Things Considered, It's a Wrap!

This next to last week of the year was a bit unreal!  My Mr. Wonderful underwent a heart surgery earlier this week.  We really won't know for another 3 months if it was truly a success.  He spent the night in the hospital and came home the next day.  Gotta admit, he had a ton of bandages all over him and he looked like the little boy who found the band aids and put them all over himself!  Not really. That's just my dramatic side coming out!  He had 3 IV's and 5 lines for the surgery so there were a few bandages once they removed all the hardware.  With the amount of Heparin they needed to give him for the surgery, it was kinda dicey when the removed it all...took about 45 minutes of intense pressure by 3 different nurses (after about 15 minutes, each nurse lost feeling in her hands and wrists from the pressure they needed to use ) to stop the bleeding so they could put pressure bandages on the wounds.  Honestly, that was scarier than the surgery even though THAT involved lasers and cryosurgical techniques.  John took the rest of the week off (doctor's orders) and goes back tomorrow.  He is healing quite nicely.  

We decided not to decorate a tree this year.  Our newest kitten is just too young to know NOT to climb.  We just didn't want him to make the tree fall down and break ornaments.  So here is the sum total of our decorating for this year:

I couldn't NOT put out the stockings...The Skipper has already knocked down the stocking far, he hasn't shredded either the stockings or the tree skirt....

I've finished wrapping all the gifts so far...only stocking stuffers left to get.  We've settled on the menu for Christmas Day.  And we've invited some dear friends to share the meal with us.  Tri-Tip, mashed potatoes au gratin, roasted asparagus, and Pineapple Upside Down Bundt Cake for dessert. 

Thanks for stopping by....

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week 49 & 50 - The Holidays are Upon Us

I didn't post last week - I know, I'm a bad girl! No excuse so I won't insult you with a lame one I made up.  

The holidays are quickly approaching.  We are putting the tree up today - always the weekend nearest John's birthday (which is tomorrow).  Because of the Skipper, we aren't putting any ornaments on it, just the lights.  Hopefully, he will leave the tree alone and next year we might try ornaments.  He's still a kitten (8 months old tomorrow) and everything needs to be explored, don't ya know!

I finally finished the quilt for my friend in New York...he loved it.  He gave me permission to post pictures...

It's quite huge - 38 years in the making.  The earliest T-shirt is dated 1980 and I finished it this year.  I learned so much in the making of this quilt - and I hope I don't have to make one this big for another 38 years.  Gary said he was going to start a new collection so I could make him another - told him I might be too old in another 38 years!

Here is a little Advent Calendar that made me smile:

And this just made my day - for all you mommy's out there.

Make mine multi-colored, please, Santa!

Finally, I want to wish each of you a Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Thanks for stopping by.