Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today's topic for 10 on Tuesday is 10 Things I Do Everyday:

Here goes:
1. Drink one cup of coffee.
2. Take my medications.
3. Check my email, catch up on Facebook, Ravelry, and Twitter.
4. Play several of my FaceBook games( I know, it's a huge time waster - so sue me!).
5. Get the mail at the mailbox.
6. Talk on the phone to my friend, Meggie. Yes, every single day, sometimes more than once a day.
7. Knit...not a day goes by without at least one row of stitches being done on any given project.
8. Pet the cat - he demands attention each afternoon around 4:00 p.m.
9. Talk to the dogs...they also demand attention, just not on my lap.
10. Tell my darling husband I love him...I don't miss a day...at least once a day and most of the time, I tell him several times a day. It's a good thing!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 2011

Our son and daughter-in-law mentioned that they thought I was becoming a bit reclusive lately. They probably were right. I'm a tad bit reclusive since we moved to Missouri. I had tons of friends and lot of things to go see and do when we lived in California and New England. Since moving to southwest Missouri, and living at the end of a gravel road 7 miles outside a town that has a population of less than 6000 people, I've found it hard to make friends and find things that I like to do. Add to that mix, the fact that I have chronic depression in my family chain, and you have a dangerous mix, to be sure. So I thought and thought and finally decided that since there weren't a ton of people banging on the door asking to be my friend, I needed to step outside my comfort zone and try to make some friends on my own. I made a list of people that I knew, added in a few names of people that I wanted to get to know better, and sent out invitations to a Bunco party. This past Thursday nite I entertained 11 women at my own home and we had a BLAST! Some of them were Bunco Virgins - scared about learning a new game - I assured them it took no skill or strategy and only required the ability to throw three dice and count the dots once they stopped rolling. We all agreed to meet once a month for Bunco! I had a marvelous time with those women and I made some new friends. Don't worry about me anymore, John and Jill - I think I'm getting my groove back!
Autumn is starting here in the Ozarks. John and I went with his sister and her husband to the opening day of the National Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City last weekend. This festival is one of our 2 favorite ones each year. Wood carvers, spinning, basket weaving, quilting, candle-making, old-fashioned sorghum making, ironworkers. It's one big craft fair that lasts 6 weeks. The leaves have begun to change. They don't appear anywhere near the vibrant colours of New England, but they are lovely nonetheless. The weather has cooled considerably and today we have tons of rain (which the grounds need desperately), and lots of thunder and lightning.

Thank so much for stopping by. Till next time.