Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knit a Tit!

Saturday was the most wonderful day. We had about 35 folks show up to knit tits! So far we have around 50 boobs to donate to the American Cancer Society. And more are coming in. One ball of yarn will knit 4 boobs and some of the ladies took leftover yarn home to finish knitting. We are so blessed here in the Ozarks (and frankly, everywhere I've lived) to have such giving folks. Thanks to everyone who participated. Our T-Shirts said "Save Second Base". Appropirate, don't you think? Lisa (the owner of One City Market, my local yarn shop and favorite hangout) said she never wants to do another fund-raiser like this again....but until they find a cure for breast cancer, she will do this each year. I told her I'm with her! I've donated several Longaberger® baskets for door prizes and will do so again next year.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Back home again!

I'm back home again. That is such a great feeling. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my grandchildren and my mom and my kids. The trip to Utah was wonderful and I'd do it again....after I wait 3 months to nap and regain my strength! In the meantime, home is where I want to be.

I'm frantically knitting some things for the grandkids for Christmas...obviously, I won't tell here what they are cause their parents read this blog. But I will say that the things I'm knitting are neat!

I keep a list of the things that I want to make for the Utah family....mostly quilted or knitted items. Jill occasionally adds something to the list. My list was down to a measly 3 things before I left for Utah. Now it's up to 10. Emily even added something - a smaller version of the purse I made for Jill a couple of months ago. Even Jill's neighbor got into the act...she's in line for a purse as well. I'm absolutely NOT complaining. Isn't it wonderful to have folks value you and your skills so much that they clambor to be the next in line to receive something you've made? I love it!!!!!

I'm participating in a fundraiser for Breast Cancer this weekend. It's called Knit-A-Tit. My favorite yarn shop is sponsoring it. We will be knitting breast prostheses for women who have undergone mastectomies and are unable to afford the prostheses. These are knitted ones. They are so cool! I've done several and have been designated a Tit Tutor for the event. We have prizes for the most knitted during the event, a Booboku Puzzle, food, drink, music, neat should be a wonderful event. I'll post pictures if I get a chance to take some.

Thank you to everyone who reads this silly little blog. I wish I could remember to post more often, not that I have anything to say!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Reading as a family

It seems one never gets too tired to be read to, or to read out loud. Emily is off-track for this week and the following 2 weeks but is required to read at home each night. She spent the weekend at her dad's house so didn't get a lot of reading done. So, Nana instituted nightly reading. Most of the time, Emily reads to my Mom for 30 minutes while I am getting the two younger ones ready for bed. Last night we all sat down so Charlotte could read to us. Notice Will is enthralled! We are having a wonderful time with them. Charlotte is a typical 2 year old and Emily is 7 going on 30 and Will is a wise old soul! John and I are truly blessed!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Sleeping

Well, I arrived in Utah on Friday, Mom was already there. Jill and the two youngest grandchildren met us at the airport. It will be a full week taking care of them while John and Jill are in Hawaii. By the time we get the baby down after his final feeding of the evening, we are both ready for bed! Today, both of the younger ones were down for a nap and Emily was on the floor coloring with my mom. Evidently I fell asleep in the chair and this is what Emily (with my Mom's encouragement and help) came up with. The sign says: "Go away, I'm sleeping and I'm grumpy! " and then under it says Emily made this with Grama Betty! They were giggling so hard it woke me up! That 10 minutes sure did revive me. NOT! Anyway, Mom and I are having a terrific time with the kids. They are delightful. John and Jill have done a wonderful job of raising these children! We are so proud! More later.