Sunday, December 25, 2016

Week 52 - And Wise Men Still Seek Him

Today is Christmas Day...while a lot of folks concentrate on the gifts, and the food, and the stuff, it's really about one of the greatest Gifts mankind has ever been given.  Now, I'm the first one in line for the gifts. And no one looking at me would think I don't like the food. But I am always mindful of the Reason for the Season (I know, it's a cliche, but one I love!).  The Blessings of the season never cease to surprise me.  

Mom suggested I show you a few closer pictures of some of my nativities.  Here you go:

 Here's one that I just brought home a couple of days before Christmas.  It's so simple and yet it moved me!
 Can you see the bears on either side?  Those are from John...he has restarted a tradition of getting me bears for Christmas (we had a gap of a few years when we moved here).  Each bear has a year on one foot...this year, he decided to get me both the boy and the girl bear. 
I made a yummy breakfast for this morning - yes, folks, I really DID cook!  
Not the best picture but it's crescent roll dough placed in a 'wreath' shape, bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese and then the points are folded up and over to seal everything in.  Baked for 20 minutes and served warm.  Mom and John both had seconds!

We were able to Skype with John and Jill and all the grands...what a blessing they are!  We are so very fortunate in the daughter-in-law we have...she's a treasure!  And those 5 children are truly wonderful!  

I can't believe I was actually able to blog every single week of this year.  I don't think I've ever been able to say that.  I'm going to shoot for another year of weekly blog posts...stick with me folks!

Well, this will be the final posting of 2016.  We leave you with wishes for a very Happy New Year filled with continued health and friends and families and any other blessings you desire.  Thank you for being our friends and stopping by here at Pieceful Harbor! 

See you next year!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 51 - Snow and Ice and Still I'm Nice

This week saw a lot of different weather.  We had 50° weather and -3° weather and everything in between.  We had winds, and rain, and freezing drizzle, and fog, and snow, and ice. 

The cows are munching away at hay to keep warm.  That;s Belle, staring at the back of the house as though to say, "Hey, John, bring me a sweater!"

Mom and I went down to Branson on Tuesday.  We saw the production of "Moses" at the Sight & Sound Theater.  Wow!  It wasn't Charlton Heston playing Moses but the acting and the music was sublime.  

Mom's first Selfie!

And we finished decorating for the Holidays this week.  I put out almost all of my Nativity collection this year. 

And the tree is spectacular, as usual.  

And we have already hung our stockings.
If Christmas were to be today, there would be tons of unwrapped gifts but I can sit back and relax for the rest of the holidays.  

See you next week.  Merry Christmas to you all.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 50 - First Snow and a Birthday and a Mini Vacation

I didn't think I'd have anything to write about but once I looked back, I find that it was fairly eventful.  
Mom told me recently that she'd always wanted to contribute to Toys for Tots but hadn't had a lot of extra money to do so.  Now that she's sold her house and has a bit put by, she said she wanted to buy a bunch of toys and give them to the Marines for their annual toy drive.  We went off to Walmart late last week and spent a most enjoyable hour picking out toys.  Id never done anything like that before and we were both quite overjoyed to do that.  

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, we stopped at a Marine Recruiter in Springfield. I asked him if they were still accepting Toys for Tots (there was no sign in the window, hence my hesitation)...he said they sure were!  I'm not familiar with Marine ranks so I'm not sure what he was so I'll just call him Mr. Fagin.  Mr. Fagin came to the car and unloaded all the toys...I heard him say to the other Marine with him, "We can do a lot of good with these!".  Made mom feel so good!
On Wednesday, the Ozarks got their first snow. Not a lot, just enough to cover the deck...didn't even make the streets slick.
And, on Friday, I took some vacation time and we all went to Silver Dollar City for the Olde Time Christmas festival.  It was so stinking cold!  The temps started out in the teens and got all the way up to 23°...for a bit. Then it deteriorated down again.  Lordy, it was cold!  Even bundling up, it was still cold.
Silver Dollar City is so magical during the holidays.  There are decorations that take your breath away, strolling carolers, and hot chocolate and hot cider all throughout the park.  We never miss an opportunity to see their showcase production of A Christmas Carol. Mom was quite impressed.

This is a five-story tree that is spectacular at's lit with over a million lights and it changes with music.  John's favorite.  And it was so cold that we absolutely could not stay long enough for dark to set in so he could see it lit up.  That made me sad, but I was too cold to care.
We also were able to have our picture taken with Santa! A very nice man offered to take the photo for us.

We're putting up the tree and getting set for the holidays today  Will post pictures next week.  Hoping you have a most amazing week.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 49 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season

This week began the holiday season around here.  Shops are decorated and their shelves are jam-packed with merchandise for sale. The streets are adorned with holiday finery.  Yards are beginning to sport Santa Claus figures and a plethora of lights and candy canes.  John pulled down some of the boxes from the attic so we could begin decorating Pieceful Harbor.  I need to take down the Autumn decorations first.
One can see that he didn't get the tall tree down.  Only the 3' tree that usually sits in the window in the studio (I'm not going to use that this year since the table in the studio needs some severe de-cluttering).  He moved the video cabinet so I can place the tree in its usual spot.  Pictures to follow next week.

Have completed mom's stocking. I'm so pleased at how it came out.

The weather has turned cold...really cold.  But it hasn't deterred the chickens from coming out of the barn and scratching around.  Foghorn Leghorn and his girls come out several times a day, peck around, and then rush back inside the barn when they hear any noise at all.  Later, they come out again.  The rooster is learning to's funny to hear his crackly voice several times a day - almost like a teenage boy whose voice is changing. 
Foghorn is the one on the far left...he has a beautiful comb...quite regal!

More next week.  Thanks for stopping by.