Monday, December 27, 2010

10 on Tuesday

John and I are having a wonderful time in Utah with John, Jill, and the Grands. The weather was definitely with us on our 2-day drive. Christmas Day was a festival of toys, ripped wrapping paper, food, and family. Each day is a party around here!!!

Ten on Tuesday: This will be the final 10 on Tuesday post: And the title for this one is:

10 Things to Change in the New Year

1. Spend more time with my John...we tend to watch our own programs on different TV's in the house and not in the same room.

2. Try to do housework more often...I would rather knit or sew than go anywhere near the vacuum or a dustrag.

3. Be more diligent about sending birthday cards.

4. Knit one pair of socks each month from the sets I've made up in the studio.

5. Learn how to spin with a drop spindle.

6. Watch the Yoga dvd and start doing yoga at least once a week.

7. Start using the Magic Bullet at least once a week.

8. Make plans to take a short trip to Rhode Island in 2011.

9. Make the doll clothes for my granddaughters that they've requested.

10. Write in my journal 5 minutes each day

These 10 things reguire an attitude change in me for them to be effective. So I'm adding an 11th thing to the list - CHANGE MY ATTITUDE!

Let's see how well I do...If anyone has an hints as to how I can effect these changes, please comment.

Happy New Year to everyone...I am so thankful to all of you for your friendship and continued support of this blog.

Until next time...