Sunday, October 24, 2010

KoolAid Dyeing 101

Mom and I decided to dye some mini skeins of yarn with KoolAid. I've never done this before but it turned out really, really easy! And we had a blast. First, we wound about 20 yards of undyed sock yarn and placed them into a shallow bowl of warm water with a dab of dishwashing liquid . Let that sit for about 30 minutes to 'open' the yarn. While the yarn was soaking, we added one pouch of sugarless KoolAid to 8 oz. of water and stirred till it was dissolved.
We are now ready to experiment!
We put plastic wrap in a shallow microwave plate (I used a pie plate) and made a 'bumper' along the center so I could do two sections of yarn at a time. Squeeze (gently) the soaked yarn and place in the well of the plastic wrap. We spooned dye randomly onto the yarn using whatever colours we wanted. Place the pie plate into the microwave and nuke it on high for 2 minutes. Let it sit for 2 minutes and nuke again if the liquid in the plate hasn't turned clear or slightly 'foggy'. I only nuked this set for 2 minutes and decided it was done. Let it cool entirely - there must be no heat left in the yarn OR the plate. Rinse with tap water the same temperature as the yarn - heat or cold will shock the yarn and cause it to begin felting.

After squeezing out as much liquid as you can, without twisting -it causes felting - hang the hanks up to dry - our hanks were so small that they dried overnight.

Here you have my 4 mini skeins of 20 yards - we used orange, blue, green, and orange. I totally forgot to buy red or yellow KoolAid.

And here are Mom's 4 skeins. They turned out so entirely cool! This is one easy, fast, and fun method to dye your own can be done with larger skeins, you might need more than 1 package of KoolAid for each colour, though.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafty Ladies

Mom and I spent this morning working on some folded iris cards. She'd never heard of them and said she'd try them for me. This is the one she made....her very first iris folded card. I think she's hooked! Then she made the card on the left....using grosgrain ribbons as her paper strips and paper punching the dots on the planter. It's too cute! I made the card on the right - using various ribbons and alternating the colors so it stripes. I'm quite pleased with that one, too.
Finally, here is a Halloween cauldron whose pattern I got from the internet. I'm going to use this card as a giveaway for my class tomorrow.
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Utah Visits Missouri

The Utah family visited us for a week recently. What a wonderful experience for us all. My mom flew in from Arizona for a 3 week visit right after the kids got here and she got to meet her newest great-grandson, Hewston.

Emily did some homework in my studio while I knitted, then we made dessert together.
We went to Silver Dollar City for the day and then spent the night at one of the timeshares in Branson. Had dinner at Mel's Hard Luck Diner. If you even get a chance to go there, don't hesitate. The wait staff all sing and the food is awesome. We got there 5 minutes before they closed the doors (didn't realize they were getting ready to close and they never told us). We were the last to leave, of course. But the staff was gracious and the service was superb! The kids loved it. One of the waiters sang a lovely song and Charlotte was mesmerized! He saw that she was focused on him and began to sing directly to her - I think she's in love!

The next day we left Branson and began making our way home...stopping at my friend's farm so the kids could ride her horses. William was happy to sit on the horse and let Papa lead Summer around the paddock, and Charlotte and Emily took turns on Sydney, with their dad leading the horse. Mom, Jill, Hewston, and I sat in the shade of the barn watching....what a delightful afternoon we had!

And Papa John spent quite a bit of time holding that lovely little bundle. We all did, actually.

On their last day here, William asked Papa, "Will you take me for a ride on your Grasshopper, Papa?". They got their shoes on and spent an hour outside, riding with Papa....Everybody took a turn. What fun!

The kids loaded up the rental van and headed back to finish the day in St. Louis, then flew home early the next day. We surely do miss them, but we will spend Christmas with them in Utah so that will sustain us.
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