Sunday, June 22, 2014

2nd Day of Summer in the Ozarks

Spring is finished for another year and summer came amidst storms and June gloom.  Here is one of the last sunsets of spring.
Sunset before the storm

2 Sundays ago, my dryer died - again! Now this normally would be cause for concern here at Pieceful Harbor because Mr. Wonderful is quite handy with tools and such.  He has repaired both the washer and the dryer numerous times and saved us tons of money in both repairmen and replacement.  But since he is not handy, it was either go to the laundromat in town or buy a new one.  Since the washer was older than the dryer, it made sense to get a set.  I pretty much knew what I wanted - front loading washer and dryer with pedestals to bring them up to my height. My spinal arthritis doesn't lessen with age and having these babies higher make it so much easier to reach into them.

I went to The Man Store (Lowes) because they give a military discount every so happened they also had a sale going on, and by the time I had made my decision (2 days after I went to see what my options were), there was a further incentive to purchase.  I measured the two appliances sitting side-by-side and from top to bottom and came home to measure the opening where they were to sit.  I had 1 inch at the top and 1 inch on the side to spare....that made me one happy girl!

The delivery was scheduled for Saturday morning and they arrived just shortly after noon (they called about 10 minutes till to tell me they were on their way). Two wonderful men hauled the old set out, and while they were putting them on the truck, I was able to mop the floor where they had been - can I just say YUCK! They brought the new appliances in and installed them.
Once they were installed, I just got dreamy-eyed!  I'm so in love with this set!  They are quiet, efficient, quick, and even play a song when the cycle is done (different song for the washer than the one for the dryer).   
  All I can say is, watch out, Mr. could be in 2nd place if this love affair goes much longer! 

Just kidding, you will always be my hero!  But I do love a good washer and dryer!

On the quilting front, I am excited about a country-wide 'shop hop' that starts on July 1st and goes thru September 2nd.  Those of you who are reading this in another state, I'd be so appreciative if you could check out the link here and see if one of the shops in your state is near you.  All you need to do is go into the shop during those days and ask for the FREE Row-by-Row pattern.  Let me know if you need my mailing address or email address if you have the ability to scan and send it that way.  I don't expect to get one from each of the 34 states that are participating this year but it would be so cool to get a bunch more than the few here in Missouri. I've got Missouri, Arkansas, and Utah covered already.  Here is the link:

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Already?

Our house has been on the market for 8 months so far.  Now, I understand the economy is's crap everywhere!  But Mr. Wonderful has been so far away for the last 8 months as well...and that's beginning to be crap, too!  So I decided to take matters into my own hands, or rather, to turn it over to a different source.  Those who are Catholic are aware of the Saints...we pray to them to intervene on our behalf, to add substance to our own prayers.  St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Home...and thereby, is also the saint we pray to when we want to sell our home.  There is even a St. Joseph Home Selling Kit!  For a small fee, one can get help from a higher source...well, that's where I went!  After I got my Hepatitis A injection, I drove to the Catholic Bookstore and bought a kit.  This morning, I performed the ceremony to get this house selling into higher gear!  First, you dig a small hole - near the For Sale Sign and near the road.  
 Next, you place the statue of St. Joseph face down, with his head facing the road.
 Cover him up.
 Then say the prayer that comes with the statue. I've heard from different sources that the prayer should be said only once or every day till the house sells.  I'm not taking any chances - I'll say the prayer every single day.  I've got the prayer card in my car and will stop each day on the way to work and say the prayer.
There are those who say this is poppycock and resonates with 'magic'.  I say it is a matter of faith. And I have faith that between St. Joseph and me, we can get the job done.  Not sure how long it will take, but I've done my part!

I'd appreciate any prayers toward selling our house from any of you, too....we can use all that come our way!

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