Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Today is Good Friday...frankly, every Friday is a good one if I don't have to work on Saturday. But I digress.....

John has been taking advantage of the spring weather and is building another 4 raised beds for his gardens...I can look outside my eastern windows in the studio and see them. He has 2 beds that have asparagus growing - one of them has asparagus that is 3 years old this year and one has plants that are 2 years old. The 3 year old plants are starting to yield - we've gotten one stalk so far! I know, it's hard to imagine the joy here at Pieceful Harbor when John brought in that one stalk...there was laughing and jumping and dancing!

On another note, since we moved into this house, I've always wanted shades of some sort in the quarter-round windows in the studio. Late afternoon sun streams through the windows for about an hour and it is fading fabric, blinding me, and hitting the screen of the TV (I'm sure it isn't doing any good for that screen). We finally broke down and ordered shades for them...they arrived earlier this week and John spent an evening installing them....aren't they gorgeous? They allow light thru but not glare.

And finally, here is Gilligan....he heard there might be Easter Baskets somewhere this weekend...perhaps there will be treats for fur people...

From all of us here at Pieceful Harbor, Happy Easter.

Thanks for stopping by.