Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Girl ® Doll Clothes

Some folks (me) didn't have the pleasure of raising girls. I, instead, had the distinct pleasure, nay, shall I say joy and delight, to raise a single child, a boy. So I missed out on the dolly adventure that all mothers of girls get to have. BUT, in his infinite wisdom and to my utter delight, our son and his wife (bless them!) have gifted us with granddaughters. And so I have begun to make doll clothes for Em's American Girl Doll ®. I've made a dress and pinafore, some jeans (both plain and embroidered) and the cutest darned slip, camisole, and panties! Here is the newest batch of goodies I'm sending off to her.

You see there a pair of pajamas, a robe, and a karate outfit. Yes, I know it's pink and karate outfits are white. This is an American doll, folks....anyone who is anyone knows that American little girls love pink! So I made pink! And there is also a little hat for her cold head there in Utah! It only took 2 hours and was so easy....ask me how I know!

I'm participating in the Knitting Olympics at my local yarn shop...working on a project that must be done by next Sunday - the same day the regular Olympic games are done in Vancouver. I'll post a picture if I get it done in time and am able to enter it.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Je Suis Morte!

Well, for me, Sock Wars V has come to an end. I was killed on Monday by a pair of Don't Box Me In socks in a beautiful shade of green called Pushing Up Daisies Green. I am not posting a picture here. They are gargantuan on my size 10 foot and the guage is way off. For that reason, the Supreme Commander has requested that I send them to her so they can be classed a misfire, unpicked, and reknit according to the rules. I'm still dead....dead, dead, DEAD! But at least I'll end up with a pair of socks that I can actually wear.

On another note, Sock Madness IV starts in another month....this is a competition I just love! The folks are so encouraging, even though most of us have never met each other. In this particular competition, the socks are knit for mailing to another person. I MUST knit to guage, follow the pattern exactly, and knit fast enough each round to get into the next one. I'll keep you all posted once the actual contest starts.....sometime around March Madness (mid March).

I AM showing you pictures I took today.....

Flurries! Again????? At least it isn't sticking.

And, finally, a short note on cats....they like to be inside stuff! Any stuff! Even the backs of dressers that are being repaired....

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