Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of May

Oh, what the heck was I doing for the last almost 2 months....I honestly can't think what kept me from the blog...I've not been sitting at home eating bonbons and watching chick flicks, but I can't imagine what has kept me from updating the blog.

Suffice to say, I am here now and will try to keep you entertained with info about the goings-on at Pieceful Harbor.

I've been knitting in this year's annual Sock Madness competition. I managed to get into Round 3 but the socks and the timing just didn't mesh for me.  I finished one sock (with the exception of some embellishments to the cuff which come at the end) and part of another.  That pair will eventually get finished entirely.

I am currently knitting a beautiful shawl for Stephen Wests Summer Knit-a-Long...I'm using autumn shades and hope it will be useful come the cooler fall weather.

The sorting and purging and packing of the house continues. Not at all quickly, but it continues none-the-less.  I'm currently sorting the computer room filing cabinets and purging what we no longer need to retain.  Those items that do not bear legal info or bank account numbers or other important digits that thieves can use are being simply pitched...the other items are being shredded...a slow process but necessary for our security.  I will go on to the studio next.  A very daunting task!  The idea of purging fabrics and yarns is terrifying!  But it must be done and I can do it with a bit of perseverance and patience.  And maybe a helper to keep me on track.  I've had offers from a couple of ladies to come over and shred while I purge or pack items that I decide to keep in the studio.  That will cut the task considerably.  

Spent this last weekend with John.  He flew to St. Louis on Friday and I drove up to get him.  We used the 2 days he was here to get several items done that needed attention.  Filters changed out, vent covers installed, carpets destained, etc.  Had some serious discussions regarding the sale of the house (no,it hasn't happened yet...just trying to make sure we are on the same page when it does finally sell).  Then,.yesterday, all too soon, I drove him back up to St. Louis to fly back to Salt Lake City.  That 3 hours drive home was quite long!

A friend of mine asked me to help her pick out some fabric for borders on a quilt she is making so I met her in Springfield on a Friday nite.  After she'd made her decision, we decided to go for dinner.  Decided on Red Robin.  I love their Cobb Salads so I ordered one to go after I had the fish & chips - I figured I would have the salad for Saturday's dinner.  Fast forward to Monday - News conference regarding a waiter at Red Robin who tested positive for Hepatitis A...everyone who ate there from May 8th to May 16th was encouraged to get the vaccine ASAP....We ate there on the 16th.  Now, anyone who knows me well, know I am terrified of needles.....TERRIFIED!  I do not voluntarily get injections unless it is dire.  This situation qualified...darn the bad luck!  So today, I got shot!  And I have the appointment in 6 months to get the 2nd shot that goes with it.  Proud of me?  I thought so.  

Thanks for stopping by....I'll try to do better with the news in future.  
Hugs to you all!