Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bag O' Kitty

John and I went to Ft. Leonard Wood on Sunday to do our every 3 month marketing...yes, we only shop every 2-3 months. That's the way we've done it for over 30 years. Freezers and large pantries make it a simple plan. We got home and after unloading all the bags, I naturally folded them up. I heard a rustling noise and when I turned, this is what I found. Gilligan sure does love being "in" stuff. He never fails to nestle into a quilt that I am trying to finish binding, he loves it when I turn the covers up and over him so he can peak out the side. And don't leave a packing box around...he will jump in that quicker than you can blink. It's a wonder I've not dumped him out in the trash before this!

For those of you who are wondering, my back is feeling soooooo much better. Better living thru chemistry! I will even be able to stand at the front desk here at the library for my regularly scheduled 2 hour desk duty today.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back, Back, Back!

This will be short...evidently I have a pinched sciatic nerve and that's the reason for the pain in the butt! Thanks to pharmaceuticals, I should be back to normal in less than a week. And I won't need to take any time off work.

Today started out with lovely temperatures in the high 50's. By noon, it was down to 27°. At 2 when I left for my doctor appointment, it was snowing and the wind was gusting at about 40 mph. They say that if you don't like the weather here in Missouri, just wait a while cause it will change. I believe that this week! Tomorrow it will be around 40° and Thursday we are expecting a significant snowfall. (Probably only a couple of inches).

Am off to lay down on my side with a pillow between my knees and a flannel quilt over me. Probably end up with a cat somewhere in the mix as well! Gilligan just loves laying wherever I am!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Ugg Boots

Sorry this is fuzzy...the baby Ugg boots are equally fuzzy in real life. I knit these for Will cause they are just so cute and so is he! They knit up really fast and just make you want to giggle! I used a lovely suede-like yarn for the sole and the boot itself and a soft, fuzzy yarn for the fur. Turned out cute and they are already on their way to Mr. William!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmas Sweaters

I knitted sweaters for each of the grandchildren this year. I've never knitted sweaters so this was an exercise rooted in hope, love, and fear! I used patterns that are called Neck Down patterns...this means, simply, that they are knitted all in one piece from the neck down. When you are done, you are done..there is no finishing, no sewing the arms and neckbands on...DONE! The children loved them! And I can't wait to get started on one for myself! Who knows, I might even get one done for John, Young John, and Jill for this next Christmas.
Today is our son's 30th birthday...if that won't make a girl feel old, nothing will. Happy Birthday, John. You are a son that any Mom and Dad can feel proud of. We love you!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Utah

John and I had a fabulous time in Utah with John and Jill and the 3 grandkids. What a delight those children are. Emily is quite a remarkable young lady, Charlotte is talking up a storm, and Will is hitting milestones every day.

Emily is 7 going on 30! A typical 7 year old, fascinated with dancing, and fashion, and Hannah Montana! I can't think of anything she got that wasn't connected with Hannah Montana or clothes! She's sweet and selfish (aren't ALL 7 year olds?) and funny and loving and utterly delightful!

Charlotte is 2 1/2 and makes me tired! She talks all the time...and is always on the move! She's stubborn and incredible smart and loving and cuddly (when she want to be). Charlotte is a creature of habit, as evidenced by her daily sojourn down to the basement to wake Nana at 7:00 each morning...picture this. The house is dark...Charlotte awakes and takes her bankely with her down the stairs to the basement, after securing the baby gate so Will can't fall down the stair. Now she makes her way across a concrete floor to Nana and Papa's door, slowly opening it and quietly comes across to Nana's side of the bed..."Nana, time to wake up!" Nana mumbles something sweet and unintelligble. Charlotte then goes over to the light and flips it on - BLINDING LIGHT! "Charlotte, turn that light off and come cuddle in bed with Nana." Ok, that buys me about 2 minutes! Then, Charlotte is ready to start the day. So up we get! That's the start to a busy day!

Will had just begun to crawl in the few days before we got there....while there, he began pulling himself into a standing position whenever he got to a barrier! I see that boy walking before his first birthday in March! He is a happy baby! Certainly loves his Mama! Actually, they all adore both their parents...

That's the update on the Utah family...they are all just wonderful! And I can say that not only because I'm the Nana, but because it's true!

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Starts off with a sniffle!

As usual, I'll start off with an apology for not writing sooner. I really DO have a good excuse this time.! 3 days before we left Utah to come home (more on that trip later!) I came down with a particularly virulent stomach flu! Both ends and quite uncomfortable. Charlotte commiserated with her Nana that she had 'quesadilla diaper, too"! I began to feel better the day before we were due to leave for home, except for the beginnings of a cold and we left Utah later than usual due to the major road being closed for weather and ice. Once we were finally on the road, John admitted that he felt a bit wobbly in his tummy, too. We only made it to North Platte, Nebraska (10 hours from Salt Lake City and 9 hours from home) before we gave up and got a hotel room for the night (New Year's Eve). We slept from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and John felt better so we got on the road again. Pulled into our garage at 5:00 p.m. that evening. The next day we both needed to get to work...however, my cold had turned into a sinus issue that required a doctor visit. He diagnosed a severe sinus infection! I can't believe the human body can manufacture that much snot! Anyway, I went back to work the next week and am beginning to feel better each day. My birthday is a blur...maybe we will celebrate next week??? So, friends, I hope to be better about posting in 2008....I don't think I can be much worse!

Soon, I'll post about Christmas with the Utah Knotwells...