Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

This is really late....John and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary last week. I absolutely can not believe it's been 37 years. We've both got a lot of miles on us and, hopefully, a lot more to come. John took me out to dinner the day after our special day - he helped a friend with some haying on "the day" -- golly, it's been a long time since we've been out for a nice dinner. We dined at the Gallery Bistro in downtown Springfield - all I can say is that the food was yummy and the service was beyond wonderful! Well worth the large money it cost.

I love you, have made my life very full - full of love, full of adventure, full of memories.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

County Fair and other Stuff

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so our daughter-in-law, Jill ought to be seriously flattered! She made these really cool plant stakes for their garden in Utah and I saw them when I visited in April and June...decided I needed to make them for Mr. Wonderful's garden. Here they are. He just needs to attach the stakes to them and they are ready for the Pieceful Harbor Garden .

Our County Fair is held in July each year. The middle week, in fact. And I try to enter something each year. This year, I entered 2 knitted items and one quilted item. Here you have "Charlotte Visits Giraffic Park". I began this quilt when Charlotte was born - 5 years ago. It seems only fitting that I should finish it right about the time she starts school. This little lovely took 2nd place in its division.

Next we have the knee socks with celtic designs along each outside calf. I started them when I was in Utah - for a competition - and asked Jill if she'd like to have them when I got them done. She said she would. It's hard to see the celtic design but, believe me, it's there!

And I entered my very first piece of lace - a scarf - rather proud of that one, too. You will note that both the socks and the scarf took 1st place ribbons.

I'm trying to decide what to enter next year....will have to work on several other quilts to get them finished in time for next year's Fair - thank goodness I've got a whole year to get them done.
In chicken news, I will probably be posting some of the pictures taken during the Great Chicken Massacre next time. We ended up with 22 chickens - sold 15 of them and gave away 4 of them. Truthfully, haven't even cooked one yet..maybe this next weekend. We have 28 more chickens in the chicken tractor. They are 3 weeks old so another 5 weeks and they begin the killing spree again. Sounds gruesome, doesn't it? I honestly couldn't tell you cause I stayed away from the Killing Field the entire weekend it happened.
The topic for Ten on Tuesday is supposed to be 10 Things To Take Camping. Hah! Not gonna happen, friends. Those of you who know me know that camping is a 4 letter word to me. So I'm skipping the Ten on Tuesday subject this week.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010


It surely is summer in the Ozarks - hot and humid! Today is no different from any other day - sunny, with clouds moving in during the day, very hot and quite drippy with humidty. Rain is expected sometime won't cool it down any, believe me.

Today is the day of the Great Chicken Massacre at Pieceful Harbor! John and our neighbor are killing chickens - 54 of them to be exact. Those chicks are now 8+ weeks old and ready to become freezer fodder. No, I'm not posting any pictures so don't even look for them. Not happenin', folks.

I haven't anything else of any interest to anyone to post so I'm going to close this and hope I have something interesting to tell you soon. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.