Saturday, July 6, 2013


Finally some time to post and something to post about!  Let's journey back in the Way-Back Machine to May of this year. That is when our oldest granddaughter, Emily, had a momentous birthday. She turned 13!  We are so proud of our oldest granddaughter.  She is growing up to be a sweet, smart, nurturing young lady.  When we were visiting them last year, she had shown me a fabric packet that she liked.  I turned it into a quilt for her.  It was fun and every time I worked on it, I thought of her!  She is a joy to be around and we love her dearly! 

In May I also finished several knits I'd started during the winter.  First up is a Color Affection shawl.  I chose turquoise, mouse grey, and forest green.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  It's all just straight knitting, with increases done on each end.  I have several more colourways planned for more of these!
Most of you know I do test knitting for a designer out of New York.  Here is one that she designed for her Dr. Who series.  I love, love, love Dr. Who and jumped at the chance to do this.  It's called Rose Tyler's Shawl.  What a fast and fun knit.  I love doing the staging for the photo shoots, too.  It's always a challenge to do something that will translate to the theme.  I think I nailed it this time. 

In June I took a Beginning Weaving class at a local Alpaca Farm.  Stacy at White River Alpacas, LLC, is a weaver, spinner, knitter, and she is a fabulous teacher.  I'd thought about learning to weave but didn't want to put money into all that's necessary just to find out I don't like weaving.  So when Stacy mentioned she was giving a class, I jumped right on it!  I spent all last Saturday at the farm, and here you see what I was able to accomplish.  Most everyone put theirs on a tote bag, but I think I will leave mine as a wall hanging for now.  It will tell me what it wants to be soon enough.

 And what would a visit to an alpaca farm be without seeing the alpacas?  Here is Rusty.  He was in the pasture right outside the house when we broke for lunch.  He looks like he has a dashing mustache.  I fell in love with Rusty! 
My friend Peggy and I drove to Rogers, Arkansas one Tuesday in May.  We wanted to go to the lovely quilting and knitting shop down there.  I knew that a lady in one of my groups lived near there so I contacted her and asked her if she'd like to meet us there and then have lunch.  Gail jumped at the chance, as we all do, to meet another Raveler.  After spending far too much time and money at the Rabbit's Lair in Rogers, we walked to a little cafe and spent 2 hours just talking, and knitting, and eating, and knitting....well, you get the idea!  The waitress was kind enough to take our picture.  
Gail, Sally, & Peggy at Rogers, Arkansas - May, 2013
Well, folks, I think I may have run out of things to tell you. Imagine that!  

Thanks for stopping by.