Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Madness Begins!

Remember last year when Sock Madness IV began? I made it much further last year than I'd expected to. Well, the Madness has begun again. Yesterday the moderators of the competition surprised us with the release of the first pattern. Entitled Supporter's Socks, the pattern makes use of two different colours, in my case, black with a slime green and purple variegated yarn. It's hard to see from this picture, but the ribbing is offset in the black stripe. And there is evidently a different kind of heel on this pattern. I haven't gotten to the heel yet so will have to reserve judgment for a while. I stopped at the heel on this sock and have cast on for the 2nd sock. Once I get to the heel on the 2nd sock, I will knit each sock's heel, then each sock's foot, and, finally, each sock's toe. Each competitor has 2 weeks to complete a pair of socks in order to go on to the 2nd Round. I'll post the finished pair once I'm done.

John just came in and grabbed the seems there's some cuteness going on in the great room....It's really cold here today (32 degrees) and the dogs spent a while outside and then came in to get warm...even Gilligan got in on the warming. Wish I could teach them to pick up their toys when they're done with them!

I'll keep you posted here on my progress in Sock Madness V.

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