Saturday, October 5, 2013

BIG News!

Oh, dear heaven!  It has been 2 months since I last posted.  I have no excuse.  I will not even apologize and promise to try to do better. It's clear I can't keep my word.  Suffice to say, you will hear from me when I get around to it!

Today, I woke to mom (she is visiting for 5 weeks - YEAH!) asking me how many cows are supposed to be in our field.  Sounds like a bit of a strange question, I know.  But we have/had only 2 cows in the south pasture last night.  They aren't even our cows - they are our friend and neighbor's cows that we are pasturing for him till he gets his fencing repaired.  This morning, there were 2 cows and a newborn calf!  Yes, Garnet had her calf last night.  I called John our neighbor to let him know that the trailer he brought over last night scared that calf right out of the momma! The calf is a lovely milk chocolate brown - the same colour as it's daddy - Buffalo Bill the beefalo.  It was running and gamboling  all over the field this morning.  Very active and healthy. Momma Garnet is up and walking around, no sign that she gave birth recently.  

The reddish cow is Millie, Garnet's daughter.  Garnet is the black one.  

Now, I promised you BIG news....well, here is a hint....

Did you guess?  Ok, it's too early on Saturday morning for games....John and I have decided to move to Utah! In fact, John is already there, ready to begin a new job on Monday.  We have been in the early stages of planning since he came home from visiting the family there in early June.  He had been laid off from his job in March and, having taken another job which didn't make him happy, he decided that it was time to sell the property here and move to Utah. His reasoning?  The grands are growing so fast and we are missing out on so much of their lives.  I readily agreed.  The property is on the market and I will stay here until it sells.  In the meantime, John is living with John and Jill and the grands til I get there, whenever that happens.  I will fly out to spend Christmas with them all.  Another new adventure is opening up for us and we couldn't be happier.  This will also put us closer to my mom (8 hours away by car) and to our friends on the west coast.  I never did assimilate into country living and I admit I won't miss it.  I will miss my house and living on 10 acres.  

John and I have never moved ourselves.  We've always been moved by the military. That meant them packing boxes and trucking us to wherever we were going.  This time it's all on us.  And let me tell you, I have figured out that Sally is a packrat where her studio is concerned!  Oh, my heavens, there is a lot of stuff in there!  A very daunting task.  But Mom came up with a plan.  We will pack a minimum of two boxes every day, with 5 boxes on my days off (Tuesdays) and take Wednesdays off since I work extra long days on Wednesdays.  That sounds entirely do-able to me.  Now to get boxes so we can pack.  And hopefully the studio will be packed with all the extras that I won't need while waiting for someone to buy the property and still leave me projects to work on in the meantime.

Well, friends.  Time to get the day started.  Thanks so much for dropping by.  Until next time!