Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 5 - A Rather Dull Week

This past week was one that we all hope for and rarely get - a dull week.  One where nothing exciting - or dramatic - happens.  No hideous weather, no illness, no car breakdowns costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Just a passing of 7 days.  While some folks might chastise me for reveling in this, I can't, in all honesty, feel bad about it.  
Here you see some of the deer that live in our woods, coming out into the sunshine to munch on what's left of the grass.  There is a herd of over 15 deer that live in the woods surrounding this long as they stay away from our orchard (our orchard of 4 fruit trees!), I'm fine with sharing the land with them. 

Finally, (I said it was a dull week -  I'm reaching for stuff to put on the post!) have you ever wondered what leprechaun poop looked like?  Me neither.  But I was cruising thru Etsy the other day and saw this and knew I had to have it.  Sparkly Leprechaun Poop sock yarn!  Very subtle sparkles but so pretty....Not sure how it will knit up, whether it will be stripes or will pool into blobs of color - that's the fun of variegated yarns; seeing them pop when knit up.  

John and I are going to our neighbor's house for spatchcocked chicken done on the grill this afternoon.  We are taking colcannon (OMG, you must try this mashed potato recipe - it's divine!), a spinach tortellini salad (thanks to our wonderful daughter-in-law, Jill made this and we love it) and ice cream for dessert.  

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week!

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Jennifer said...

Love the yarn! I have made colcannon......years ago I bought a book of Irish recipes and found a lot of good ideas.