Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 - A New Beginning, A New Chance to Get it Right

 Happy New Year to you all.  I was kinda sorta watching the Rose Parade on TV and I was reminded that I had been to that parade - 20 years ago on New Year's Day.  Young John was the trombone section leader and center guide for the Emerald Brigade Marching Band from Poway High School and he led that group of over 400 kids down Colorado Blvd on New Year's Day, 1996.  I don't think they were anywhere near the beginning of the parade, but, honestly, it was the only part of the parade I was interested in seeing and the only part of the parade I really remember.  We had seats way up high in  the stands and one needed binoculars to see faces.  What a wonderful memory.

 John made a loaf of bread on New Year's day....I woke up to the amazing smell of fresh bread.  I love homemade bread.  And it's so easy to make bread in the machine anytime we need it.

I received this cute little nativity set for Christmas.  I love nativities and haven't gotten any new ones for a while.  This one is small - the igloo is only about 5 inches across.  It's made of resin, and the animals are all so stinkin' cute - Moose, polar bear, seal, and husky. Thanks to my Utah family, my nativity collection is growing.  

I see a lot of people who are declaring a Word of the Year.  I decided to jump on the bandwagon and figure out a word that I will focus on for 2016.  Several have come to mind, but I keep coming back to KINDNESS.  Yep, I think that will be my word this year.   Kindness.  

Thank you for stopping by.  And I hope each day a little kindness comes your way.

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