Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 - Week 2

Today we had our first far, only about an inch or so with maybe another inch expected.  It's not even sticking yet to the roads since we've had such a warm autumn and beginning of winter.  This is from the morning room looking east toward the barn.  That's Garnet and Aggie stocking up on hay.
And this is looking west from the morning room.  It looks idyllic but let me tell you, it's mighty cold with the wind chill.

I've scheduled new tires for Hot Poppy this next week, and probably not too soon!  We don't want to take any chances on tires during the winter.

John and I had dinner with some friends last night.  Went into town and spent a most enjoyable evening talking to Lee and Katlin; hadn't seen them in quite a while.  I love those folks and we decided that we wouldn't let so much time pass before we do it again.  I'm writing it in the calendar to set a time to meet.  If you are like me, I check my calendar a lot and usually can get more things done if I write down what I want to accomplish each day.

I've started a new quilting project.  I know, what's so new about that?  Well, a friend recommended an online project for this year.  It's based on a quilting book that recently came out - Sister Sampler Quilts by AnneMarie Chany.  We are doing the Bonfire quilt.  As I understand the program, each month, the designer posts which block we are going to make.  We make 2 of them, but change up the fabric selections in each so we are making fraternal twins, so-to-speak.  We will do this 8 months and will end up with 16 blocks.  There is a group of 5 of us 'locally' (I say that because we all live in southwest Missouri within about 50 miles of each other) who are doing this.  Some are using batiks and some are not, some are going muted and some are not.  No one will be surprised that I am going bright, bright, bright!  Here are my first two blocks - Moon & Stars Sister 1 and 2.

This is the color palette I'm using throughout the entire quilt.  I'll use a solid black to frame where the blocks are set and probably will do my own border setting at the end.  So far, I'm liking this quilt.  

Well, I've got a banana cake to make and a shawl to finish binding off and then some sewing to do.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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