Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 6 - Another Quiet (Dull) Week

This week marks another quiet one....nothing significant happened - no weather, no accidents, no lottery winnings - nothing!  On the other hand, nothing momentous happened either - no weather, no accidents, no lottery winnings!  We were able to go to work, pay our bills, have dinner together, talk to family on the phone; all the things we are thankful we are able to accomplish.  I see nothing here to complain about and so many things to be thankful for.

I spent yesterday sewing....I finished a quilt top that I started last year (that sounds awful but it was a Block-of-the-Month and we got the last block in November) is now ready to go to the quilter. Once she gets that done for me, and the binding is on, I will show it here. It's really pretty - oriental fabrics! One of my favorites.

I also worked on this year's Block-of-the-Month block from my local quilt shop...and a pair of fraternal twin blocks for a quilt I'm doing online with some friends. Everyone is using their own colors and fabric choices and we are told at the the first of the month which block to make...I'm using a kind of a tropical palette for this one...oranges, pinks, reds, yellows, turquoises.  Here are the two for                 
February....the designer calls the block Button.  

See, I told you nothing exciting happened this week...and I can't think of a single further thing to tell you.  Perhaps I will have more vibrant news next week.  In the meantime, 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jennifer said...

Quiet is good......because nothing nasty has happened!