Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 3 - Keeping Up

Third week in far, the weather for 'winter' hasn't lived up to the name but I'm sure that now I've mentioned it, Winter will take the dare and roar in with a vengeance!  Last night's low temperature was a whopping 9 degrees and today it is expected to get up to 29 degrees.  Last Thursday we hit in the 60's.  It's hard to dress for the day with the temps rocking to and fro.  

I was supposed to go on a 'retreat' of sorts this weekend - it being a long weekend for Martin Luther King Holiday.  All week I'd felt a bit icky - the only way to explain it.  By Friday I knew I had something akin to a cold and didn't want to share it with my friends.  Elected to stay home. I could still work on the projects I'd planned to tackle, even though I wasn't there.  I traced one of the block for In Full Bloom, ironed on the fusible webbing to the fabrics, and cut the background. I might try to trace the basic design on clear vinyl so I can overlay it to fuse the shaped down on the background. This block is a huge basket of fuschia flowers overflowing downward. There are 2 hummingbirds hovering near the flowers.  The total size is only 10" by 21 1/2" so it shouldn't take long to get it done.  Will show a picture once it's done, I promise.

I am always updating my wishlist on - even if you don't want to use Amazon to purchase, they have a Wishlist section that is so helpful for anyone looking to buy you a gift.  It saves them nagging you with 'What do you want for your birthday, or Christmas, or Anniversary"...they can just look at your list and select from there.  I've even found a free app on the computer that allows me to put things on my Amazon Wishlist that Amazon doesn't even sell!  Anyway, the point is, I've had a wishlist for quite some time now and one of the things on that list was the Lego VW Camper....quite nostalgic and fun as well.  John doesn't think in fun - he is more about the practical or useful.  I finally said something to him this past November about I really, really, really, really want the Lego Camper.....Really!  I think he got the hint!  That camper has over 1300 pieces.  It took me over 4 hours just to inventory the pieces....I worked on it periodically for a week and here it is.

This is about 12 inches long and 7 inches high.  The pop-up top really does pop-up.  The back opens to reveal the engine and the driver's door also opens.  A ton of fun to make.  He also got me Mini Cooper kit for my birthday and I've not started that one yet.

I'm off to work on the Fuschia basket....thanks for stopping by.  See you next week.


Jennifer said...

Well, how much fun is that! I love your camper! Sometimes blokes don't get fun gifts, do they? - but yours is wonderful.

Batiklover said...

It's been awhile since I stopped by, love your blog post of the week!!! :-) Looking forward to keeping up with you.
It is quite funny, we just bought the same Lego VW Camper!!! Hee hee I think ours will stay in the box at least for now!!!