Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 4 - And a Birthday Occurs

38 years ago today, John and I were gifted a most amazing human to tend and guide and send off into the world.  William John Knotwell III took only 15 hours to make his way into our world and our hearts.  He has grown to be a most amazing man.  A son, a grandson, a husband, a father, a businessman, a patriot, and a friend.  Not necessarily in that order, depending on who is talking about him.  He is a treasure and a gift to all who have the good fortune to enter his world.  Happy, Happy Birthday, John!  We love you and you are always in our hearts and prayers. 

Remember last week when I said that winter hadn't made much of an impact on our part of the world so far?  Remember when I said that winter would take that statement as a challenge?  I was right!  Tuesday our weather turned on us and we had snow, sleet, rain, freezing drizzle, and ice.  My work was closed from mid-Tuesday thru Thursday.  John went to work each day - sorry for him!  

While the snow wasn't all that much - probably an inch or so - the underlying slickness made the roads a bit treacherous.  There were many, many vehicles that had slid off the road into ditches and culverts - even school buses weren't immune to that.  Even Mr. Wonderful wasn't immune to it.  Picture a work pickup with a camper shell hitting a patch of ice on the interstate and slipping and sliding along until it flips over and lands upside down in an 8 foot ditch with John hanging by his seat belt.  There were tons of angels working on his case, cause he didn't have a single scratch on him- not a bruise or even a sore muscle.  3 vehicles saw it happen a stopped to help - one guy wrenched open the door and crawled in to cut John out of his seat belt so he could get out.  After calling work to report the accident, he called me to tell me first "I'm okay!" and then proceeded to give me to bare basics of what happened. He got home about 4 hours later and I made sure he wasn't hurt - not one single bruise or broken skin or anything.  He never got any sore muscles or anything from the incident.  He is one lucky man, that's for sure.

On another note, the time off work gave me the opportunity to photograph some of the knitting projects I'd completed in the last few months.  The below is only one of them.  The 2014 Stephen West Mystery Knit-a-long Shawl - Exploration Station.  An amazing knitted shawl.  

I have also just finished the 2015 Mystery shawl but it's not blocked yet so it doesn't look very appealing.  Will show that once it's done....don't hold your breath, though, cause it takes a while to stretch wet knitwear out and pin it to dry.  

Most of the time during my icy lock-in, I sewed.....I worked on the elements of the Block-of-the-Month quilt from my local quilt shop from 2015....I've got all the parts made and a couple of the pieced borders done...will definitely show you the finished product when I get the top finished.  

In the meantime, know that I appreciate every one of you.  Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer said...

Oh my......John was certainly lucky, someone was looking out for him that day for sure! Your snowy pictures are a wonderful contrast to our heat, and it has been very hot lately. Sending birthday wishes to your son for a wonderful day!

Batiklover said...

Soo glad John is ok, I don't know how you guys do it on those icy roads!!!! Looking forward to seeing your BOTM as it comes along!!! Happy Birthday to young John!!!