Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 18 - In Which there is Rain, and Hail, and Sunshine, and Flowers

The other day I heard sounds on the roof and went to look out the back deck's what I saw. Mind you, the weather-readers had been predicting rain (actually, they had been predicting SEVERE weather which, as usual, turned out to be rain and a bit of wind) so I was expecting to see rain...but the amount of rain I saw was truly amazing.  I'm told there was over an inch of rain in less than 45 minutes.  

  See that white spec just a bit south and west of the middle of the picture?  That is hail.  It's about the size of a chickpea. Mix rain and hail and wind and you have a very noisy few minutes!  The farmers were so pleased with this storm cause we need moisture for the crops and the hayfields.  That was Monday...and today is just a bright, sunny day.  John is mowing and I am enjoying looking out my front windows...why, you ask?
 On Friday, once I got off work, John picked me up and we drove down south to a wonderful nursery to pick out flower baskets for the front porch.  I went along for color expertise.  I picked some really unusual ones this year.  The first one is filled with Black Petunias...truly black in color...and they are magnificent!  We even bought a couple of 4 inch pots of the black ones to put in a planter for the porch.  This basket is not depressing at all...truly wonderful.
 This one is Ivy Geranium. It will form a vine and is really striking in person. And just to the right, you can see part of the third basket with small purple and butter yellow striped petunias paired with large peach petunias....again, quite nice to look at.
 I've always loved the look of dahlias..and this one called to me.  It's named Hawaii.  The blossom is only about 2 1/2 inches across.  John planted it between my lavender plant and the bee balm in the front garden.  Anxious to see if it survives and thrives.
 As I told you earlier, we picked up some bedding plants to make a big pot for the front porch...there are black petunias as well as white ones, orange geraniums, and yellow marigolds...we used a 20 inch pot and John cut up a pool noodle to fill the pot about 1/2 way - that helps with drainage and also eliminates weight from using soil in the entire pot!  Pretty, huh?
 And, with the sunshine out, I looked out into the field and saw all the calves taking their afternoon naps!  From left to right you have Rosie, Belle, and Beast...just too cute for words!
Mom's move to us has been slightly delayed...her house closed on Thursday. And her household goods that she's bringing left Arizona on their way to Missouri on Thursday as well.  Mom was supposed to fly here today but she got a bit of a pulmonary issue that started a week or so ago and progressed to the point that her doctor grounded her for at least a week.  So she is with one of my brothers and his wife and is following doctor's orders of bed rest and breathing treatments in the hope that he will clear her to fly when he sees her again on Tuesday.  We can re-arrange her travels then.  

To all my friends and followers in the UK and OZ, I want to wish you a Happy Mothering Day!  Hugs from America!!!

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Jennifer said...

Rain......just what the farmer ordered! We have had rain too, it's been very welcome. I love your pretty flowers, they are so bright and cheerful; if you plant those ivy geraniums along a fence they will fill it in no time to make a very pretty hedge.