Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 20 - Mother's Day Week

Last Sunday was Mother's Day here in the U.S.  I received flowers and a card from Mr. Wonderful, a call from Utah with everyone saying Happy Mother's Day at once along with a gift card to Amazon (my favorite shopping!), and my own Mother arrived to begin her new adventure as a member of this crazy household!  We picked her up at the airport and took her to lunch and then came home to begin putting her furniture where she wants it and bringing in boxes so she could unpack.  We all know there will be adjustments - let's face it, she has lived alone for 23 years and we've lived just by ourselves for almost 20 years...but we are all committed to making this work.  Mom and I have had some fabulous conversations and we are all finding our feet in this new arrangement.

One thing that has changed is that John and I decided that we would no longer have meal times at Whenever O'clock.  We all need to have nutritious, timely meals and with John working till 5:30 and then a 45 minute commute to home, it falls to me if we are going to have meals before 8 P.M.  Along with that, it occurred to me that one reason I hate cooking is that I don't have a lot of imagination when put on the spot for making a meal.  If I were to make up a meal plan for the week, that might help with getting things done.  So for the last week, I've been doing the cooking. I'm surprising myself with the meals I'm making.  One day we had a new casserole made in a skillet, yesterday we had Parmesan crusted baked pork chops.  I also made a cinnamon spice apple pie and pretzel rolls for dinner.  Those pretzel rolls came from a mix but they were awesome yummy! Looky!

My To-Do list is extra lengthy today so I will close this with telling you all how much I appreciate you spending time reading my paltry efforts to be entertaining.  I so appreciate your comments.  

Thanks for stopping by.

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Jennifer said...

When I was working I was organised, each week I had a meal plan which helped with both shopping and cooking......since being retired that has fallen by the wayside, sadly! You are making a good start.