Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 22 - Memorial Day

This weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer in the U.S. More importantly, it marks our celebration of Memorial Day. A time to thank all those military men and women who gave the ultimate, who served their country with courage and dedication and guaranteed the freedoms we enjoy.  A time to thank those who continue to serve.  

The air is filled with the smell of burning charcoal and grilling meat, the sound of laughter, family camaraderie and gratefulness.  

Mom is settling in...she saw her new doctor on Tuesday and was quite impressed.  John and I have been going to Dr. Replogle for quite some time so we are really glad to keep the good doctor 'in the family'.  

I hurt my back sometime during the idea how I hurt it.  Had to call my doctor on Friday and beg some pain meds...thank goodness I described my symptoms adequately so she could arrange some wonderful pain medication....I have 4 days off so that should be time to get me back on track and pain-free.

Not much to tell you this week.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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Jennifer said...

Ouch......I hope your back is feeling better soon!