Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 19 - A New Adventure Begins

I think I told you earlier that my Mom is coming to live with us....we've looked forward to this for so very long!  She sold her home in record time and was able (with the help of both my brothers and sisters-in-law) to pack up all the belongings she wanted to bring with her.  Unfortunately, she got ill and the doctor grounded her for a week so she wasn't able to fly here last week.  She stayed with my brother and his wife to recuperate and she was cleared to fly for today!  In the meantime, her belongings left Arizona and made their way to southwest Missouri in record time.  The trailer was delivered to our house this past Thursday evening and John spent several hours Friday, unloading all he could by himself.  Yesterday our friend came over and helped him unload the last 3 items...everything is staged in the garage awaiting Mom's decisions as to where she wants her stuff. 

We went to the airport this morning and picked her up....she is now relaxing in a comfy chair and we've placed most of her furniture to her liking.  Some of her boxes need unpacking but that can happen as and how she wants to do that.  

Now when folks ask her where she lives, she can say Missouri!

Those tragic wildfires in western Canada are starting to impact southwestern Missouri...we have a yellow alert for air quality today and tomorrow expect a red alert. So hoping they get some rain soon...enough to help quash those fires.

Well, more next week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Jennifer said...

How lovely - your mother will love her new home, I'm sure! We really feel for those people in Canada affected by the fires, because Australians are familiar with fire.