Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 17 - Another Quiet One

Not a whole lot went on this past week.  That may prove to be a good thing...we don't always appreciate when our weeks are uneventful.  But I sure did this week.  No crazy stuff. 

I recently saw this picture come across my Facebook feed.  Gave me a chuckle, I must say.

We got some fabulous news yesterday.  Our son has been juggling family, work, school, and the Legislature for the past many months.  The Legislative session is over for the next 8 months with meetings once a month till January 2017. He is running for re-election and yesterday was the Utah Republican Convention - he received an overwhelming 84% of the delegates and will be the Republican candidate in the election in November.  We are so proud of him!

Additionally, our amazing son has been going to graduate school for the last year-and-a-half to obtain his MBA.  He told me yesterday he has formal classes till June 23rd and then one more online class to take in October but will 'walk' for graduation on May 6th.  Caps and Gowns and tassels and pictures!!! More proud parents can not be found anywhere!!! Congratulations, proud!

A bit of set-up for this next photo.  The military requires clothing to be folded a certain way in boot camp...when my John came out of boot camp in 1973, he showed me how he wanted his t-shirts folded and frankly, I've folded them that way for the past 43 years.  One can always tell a military folded t-shirt....our son just sent us this picture of his youngest son folding a t-shirt....we recognized it right away.  This almost 6-year-old is folding his t-shirt the Navy way!  
Go, Hewston!!!

More next week.  Until then, thanks for stopping by. 

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations to your son - what a great effort!