Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 15 - The Orchard and a Sock

Three years ago John planted 5 fruit trees - 3 apple, 1 crabapple, and  1 nectarine.  All except the nectarine flourished.  He decided to replace the one nectarine with  2 more.  So now we have 3 apples, 1 crabapple, and 2 nectarines.  And they are all starting to pretty, don't you think?

 Those trees are only about 3 1/2 feet tall, and I don't think they will produce any viable fruit this year...but I suspect we might have some next year...Can anyone say applesauce and apple pie filling?  I'll have to break out the book on preserving.

The 3rd Round of Sock Madness came out this past Monday.  I didn't get a chance to cast on till Tuesday afternoon.  The spots are filling up fast and I really don't believe I will finish these socks before the last spot is taken.  Again we have a toe-up cast on....moving cables, and a super-stretchy bind off.  I'm using a yarn whose colorway is called Sandpiper.  
The progress is coming along on preparations for Mom's moving in with us.  Only 3 weeks more to wait.  The room has been painted a lovely shade of palest teal-green and now it's just wait for her to arrive!

Last year when the Row by Row Experience concluded, I decided to not be so focused on getting patterns this next year.  The theme is Home Sweet Home and I can picture all kinds of homes patterns.  I decided NOT to ask all my various friends and family to make special trips to get patterns for me.  And I think I will keep that decision.  However, it appears they are expanding the shops to several in England and Netherlands....and one of them is near my friend, Eve, in Hampshire - I think I may need to ask her if she could make a trip to that one particular shop and get the pattern for me.  I have time to figure it out; the program doesn't start until the end of June.  

I leave you with wishes for a wonderful week, filled with good work, good food, and good friends!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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