Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Short post here...I couldn't say anything because we hadn't told the grandchildren yet.  Now that they know, I can tell you that we are NOT moving to Utah.

It has been increasingly evident that our dream and the reality just aren't moving toward each other.  Our house hasn't sold.  The cost of living in Utah is so much higher than we'd thought and employment for me is iffy at best.  I suppose if we'd made this move 10-15 years ago, it might have been do-able anyway.  But not currently.  So, after several heartfelt, and weepy, discussions while I was in Utah for the holidays, John and I have made the difficult decision to remain here in Missouri.  He has given his notice at work and will be coming home in mid-April.  This is bittersweet but it sure will be good to have him home!

All I can say is:

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Jennifer said...

That is good to hear! I know that being the only person looking after the farm has been hard at times.....it will be so good for you to have John back.