Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Madness Has Begun!

It's that time again...time for Sock Madness.  Sock Madness 9 began at 1:30 a.m. my time on Sunday....the pattern was posted and over 760 folks began feverishly knitting this here-to-fore unpublished pattern. We have 2 full weeks to complete the entire pair, without ANY changes to the pattern.  Once the time limit is concluded, those finishers who have satisfied the moderators that they have completed a pair of socks absolutely according to the pattern will be separated into teams of about 40 people.  From that point, it gets really hairy - now you are competing for a place into the next round!  I have traditionally made it to the 3rd round at least...one year I made it to round 5!  I present to you my progress on Round 1...

Almost done with the gusset reduction and will proceed down the foot.  It's hard to see, but those 'bumps' are little boxes...A very cute and easily memorized pattern.  I don't think I'll have too much problem completing a pair by the deadline.

On another note, our weather is still playing hide-and-seek with us. On Saturday, we got 6 inches of snow.  Today we had temps in the 50's which melted most of that snow.  In addition, we had some pretty wicked fog...here we had fog that allowed me to see about 1/4 mile ahead.  I had to go south to meet up with a friend for lunch...down there it was really dense...see?
And this was clearer than it was right there in town...I was really glad to get home safe and sound.  

Tonight we are told to expect ice, snow, sleet, high winds....sigh!  I repeat, Sigh!  Can I just say how much I am done with winter?????

Will let you know once I finish the pair of socks...in the meantime, 

Thanks for stopping by.

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Ruth said...

Finished the first sock and have the ribbing plus 2 boxes done on the second one. I do love Sock Madness!