Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 of 5

I DID IT!  I can't believe I posted each of 5 a row!!!

This is day 5 of the Art Chain Challenge started by Donna Greenburg. Each day for the next 5 days I will post one art piece and each day I will nominate another artist to participate. The projects do not need to be new and they do not need to be made especially for this challenge. I was nominated by Angie
I nominate Karen.

I took a class in miniature log cabin foundation piecing while living in New England. This is the result - 12 inches square, with each square being 2 inches finished and 36 pieces in each unit. It took over an hour to piece each 2 inch unit. The title? "This Guy Must Be Crazy If He Thinks Size Doesn't Matter". I exhibited it at Ozark Empire Fair and won Grand Champion for it's category.

And there you have it...5 in 5 days.  

On the weather front, we had a clear day today but it was wicked cold (for here - I don't begin to compare to New England's winter; they win the prize for most awful winter!) I snagged a ride with my neighbor into work and waited around for him to get off work to bring me home. Thank goodness we work at the same place (and even share an office!).  I'm wussing out and riding in with him tomorrow cause we are expecting freezing rain tomorrow morning. The operative word being freezing.  With luck, we will only have rain and temps above freezing on Saturday that will melt some of the ick that we've got built up and I can drive myself to work next week. 

Thanks for stopping by.   Keep warm and safe. More soon!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my......that is amazing work! Definitely a fabulous way to finish your art project!