Sunday, October 30, 2011

Farewell Mom!

So yesterday John and I drove Mom to the Branson Airport so she could fly home. We spent an amazingly lovely 4 weeks with her before we had to send her home. This year we went to a show in Branson, painted pottery a couple of times at Firehouse Pottery in Springfield, went to the movies twice, had lunch in town with John a couple of times, and spent so much time talking and knitting. And the Ozarks put on a lovely show of colours for her this year.
When we got to the airport, Mom was met with a wheelchair to take her to her gate. Drew was her driver and we were so happy to see him. You see, Drew was also her driver when she arrived here 4 weeks ago! He remembered her and promised me he would take special care with her and make sure she got on her plane without incident. There they are awaiting Security clearance.
When we left the airport, John and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we were near the Outlets in Branson and do a bit of shopping. We went to the Chicago Cutlery store and got John a knife for chicken processing. Then we went to the Harry & David store - oh, my goodness! Such yummy concoctions they have there. We got several bags of soup mixes and some yogurt pretzels and a jar of Pear & Cranberry pie filling. I made the pie this it is! It smells great and I hope it tastes just as good when we cut into it this evening.Mom called yesterday to let us know that she had arrived and that my youngest brother had met her at the airport and they were on their way up the mountain to her house. John and I agreed last night that the house feels so empty now...we sure do miss you, Mom!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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