Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have been teaching beginning knitting at the library since this past spring. I've taught 2 classes of beginners, 1 hat class (to learn knitting in the round) and one sock class. My friend, Meggie, offered to design a simple pair of anklets so my students wouldn't have to knit that interminable leg...let's face it, once you start knitting in the round, that leg goes on forever. And the idea of knitting socks is to learn the anatomy of a sock. So she designed The Two Wild Redheads Simply Vanilla Ankle Sock pattern for me to teach with. I cast on for the sock using Spunky Eclectic sport yarn in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes colourway. I finished my pair last night.The director of the library is a new knitter. She took my beginning knitting class, my hat class, and the sock class. She finished her first sock last week and here it is! She did an amazing job and has already cast on for another pair. She's an avid sock knitter now.
Finally, I began another session of Beginning Knitting yesterday. I've got 7 ladies in that class and when they left at the end of the first 2 hour class, they were all KNITTERS! They have homework to complete by next Wednesday and every single one of them are so enthusiastic!
I love my job!

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Jennifer said...

What a wonderful achievement.....something to be really proud of! Congratulations on such a productive class, I think you are wonderful.

Roos said...

They are wonderfull, I knitted 2 pair of anklets for my daughters and now I knit every night by the tv.

I Love Denim said...

What a lovely blog you have! Knitting keeps me sane too, I knit on the way to and from work on the underground.

Best wishes from Lorna

Randy said...

That is so great! Teaching is one of the great pleasures of the world.

Brian Kenneth said...

Very nice work. It´s nice to create. There is something nearly therapeutic about it.