Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday Visit with Mom

Mom and I are having such a great time catching up and talking and laughing. I can't believe she has been here a week and a half already. Only 2 and a half weeks left till we have to send her home. Yesterday, Columbus Day, Mom and I drove down to Branson to see a show. We had a light supper at the Moon River Grill and a lovely rainbow appeared out the window while we were waiting for our table.
We finished our supper and walked across the street to the theater. This is the curtain on the stage. All along the top of the screen are moons in various phases. Really pretty.
We were supposed to see Andy Williams with Ann-Margaret but on Saturday I got a call from the booking agent telling me that Andy is ill and has cancelled all his shows for this coming week. However, Ann-Margaret was still going to perform and they had brought in the Lennon Sisters and the Lennon Brothers to make up the other half of the show. Would I like to go anyway? Well, sure I would! So we sit down, in the 2nd row!, and the show begins. Two of the original sisters are still performing and their baby sister makes up the trio. Janet, Kathy and Mimi did a wonderful show! They did a number from the 40's and wore white carnations in their hair. At the end of the show, they threw their flowers into the audience. I caught Kathy's flower - a fragrant white carnation!
Ann-Margaret puts on a lovely show. She is still quite beautiful at 71 years of age. She's vibrant, and funny, and has an amazing attitude. Mom and I had a lovely date with Ann-Margaret and the Lennon Sisters and the Lennon Brothers providing the entertainment.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds as though you had a great time! I love the curtain design.....some quilting inspiration there.