Monday, May 3, 2010

UTAH - Part Trois

Charlotte is practicing for her dance recital. The teacher lets folks wander around the perimeter of the class for picture. Charlotte is so used to being in front of a camera, she doesn't ever pay any attention to it any more.

Jill is a crafter. She and I made cute table runners - one each - while I was there. Here is the hub of the process. This is neat, compared to the mess we made later.

Charlotte and William are such good playmates. They really do get along great. And they love to have their pictures taken!

We went to lunch one day with John...there wasn't a lot of room at one table for everyone so the boys went across the aisle to have a boys-only table. Here they are conspiring against the girls!

There was riding bikes in front,

And jumping on the tramp in the back.

Next time I'll show you pictures from our Girls-Only tea at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

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John Knotwell said...

Jill is an incredible "crapper" and yes, young Mr. William and I were indeed plotting against the "gearls" and we devised the perfect plan. Then, we remembered that whole "love" thing. Pshhhh.