Monday, May 3, 2010

UTAH in the Spring

I got to spend 10 days in Utah with Young John and his lovely family. He and Jill made me so does a mother (and mother-in-law)'s heart good to be treated so well!

We sent to Jamba Juice for a pick-me-up one day!

Jill made crepes for dinner one day. And who doesnt' like banana and strawberry dessert crepes?

Emily came upstairs wearing these adorable glasses. I asked her when she got them - she whispered, "they're fake...I don't wear glasses!". But she looks so darned cute in glasses!

More pictures coming later.
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cinnamongirl93 said...

I've never walked into Jumba Juice. DO they carry drinks with caffine? Just curious. Sounds like a great visit!

Quiltersal said...

Mostly fruit smoothies - you can get a boost of energy, or de-stress, or immunity added to your smoothie...try any of them....YUMMY!

John Knotwell said...

That little girl was wearing stolen property. Clearly those glasses were not meant for her. I demand justice! Wait... I think her mom gave them to her, I better check first.