Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boobie Socks

Since I've been knitting, almost 3 years now, I've entered...oh, about a million sock knitting competitions. At least it seems that many. This summer I entered what is more like a KnitAlong. It's called Summer of Socks 2008. It runs from June 21st to September 1st. Some folks have knit 17 pairs of socks up to today, the 2nd of August....I, on the other hand, have knit 3 pairs in the last 6 weeks. And I've got 2 more pair on the needles that I hope to finish within the next week. Here is pair # 3:

This is a kit, by Skacel. It includes, specially dyed Opal fingering weight yarn, beads, and the pattern. Skacel only made up 2000 of these kits. All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Fund for Breast Cancer. After doing a nice ribbing, you then knit the Walk for the Cure pattern, followed by the Breast Cancer Ribbon row, the Healthy Boobies row (this is where the beads go) and finally the Mammogrammed Boobies row (more beads). The toe has a star-shaped pattern to remind us that we are all stars. The pattern is very well written. I loved doing these socks.

I'm knitting a pair of socks (not boobies socks) for John right now...hope to have them done in a week or's socks just seem to take longer...I guess because they have big feet. (This is from a woman who wears size 10 shoes!)

Have a wonderful in Missouri they are having NO SALES TAX on anything thru August 3rd...It seems I am meant to go shopping!

Bye, Seeya!


cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! No sales tax for 3 days?! What are you going to buy? I hope something fun! You will have to share with us what you bought!
I love the socks. Pink in my favorite color you know. They are stunning. And beading on socks. How cool is that?
I still have not tried sock knitting. I am thinking about starting my very first pair for the Olympic- a- thon.
It's a perfect day here in Northern Illinois. Hot with very little humidity. Sunny, blue sky. I'm spending the day out in the garden weeding. Thinking about the 3 days of no sales tax............

Jill Knotwell said...

Those socks are awesome! I am still working on the hat and now that Breaking Dawn is out, it will have to wait even longer.

MiscKnits said...

What a cool project! And a great cause. Had my first mammogram this year and was called back for another look - sombering to say the least. Went back for the second look and the radiologist said (and I am quoting) 'everything pressed out fine' - quite literally! Anyway, boobs are good! Here's to healthy boobs!

Dawn said...

ohhhh...sheesh! I had no idea what 'boobie socks' meant. Thanks for educating me! *grin*

I would give just about anything to know how to knit socks. Okay. Knit, period. I am trying a pattern to crochet socks, but they are soooooo stiff compared to a knitted one.

Yours are lovely---as usual!