Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Random Wednesday

Every spring, our son and his family come to Missouri to visit. And every time they visit, they plant beautiful flowers and bushes in the front garden. And every winter those same plantings die. Especially this past winter when we had those ice storms. So this spring when they came to visit, they did NOT plant anything in the front garden. John put tomato plants there instead. Imagine my surprise when I saw a lone vinca right there in the garden, shaded from the sun by those enormous tomato plants. And right in front of the tomato plants is the rock harvest...John has been trying to get most of the rocks out of this little patch so he can put topsoil down and plant a tree in front of the porch. They seem to re=grow overnight...

My dryer broke on Sunday night, before I was able to finish the laundry. Of course, I'd already washed the last 2 loads and they were just waiting to dry...John worked on it Sunday night and figured out that it blew a thermal fuse. I took those two loads to the laundromat on Monday after work. And John was able to get the fuse and repair the dryer last night. But in the meantime, while he was trying to figure out what was wrong, Gilligan staked his usual claim to anything that resembled a box or a container!

Yarn Smackdown 2008 started on Friday, the same day as the Olympics. I entered 3 events: The Advanced Sock, The Lace Bookmark, and a mystery event called Food Fight. Here is my advanced Sock becgun on Friday - my target lives in southern San Diego.

Next is my Lace Bookmark - pretty, huh? I've never done a bookmark and this one was a snap to knit. I mailed it off to my target in Georgia on Monday afternoon. And finally, the Food Fight entry. It was called Toast - yep, a 4 inch square of knitted fabric to represent toast and mailed to your target! Mine was a brown rye with a crocheted round of orange marmalade...mailed on Monday to my target in upstate New York. So far, I've not been killed by any of my assassins. I've just turned the heel on the sock and hope to at least get one done before I get killed and have to send the unfinished portion off to my assassin to finish.
Well, enough randomness for today. Have a wonderful week and thanks for dropping by.


cinnamongirl93 said...

I just love a surprise volunteer flower!
You are sure busy with your knitting. It's sounds like so much fun to be in a yarn smackdown!
I love reading your blog and catching up with what's happening in Missouri!

Jill Knotwell said...

I'm glad something has come back! Did we even plant that flower when we were there last year? Can't wait to see the front when it is all finished!

MiscKnits said...

Sounds like I passed on my bad dryer karma - sorry! Hopefully you took your knitting with you to the laundrymat though!

I'm bet that flower brought a smile to your face! How cool!

Dawn said...

Ahhhhh. The tenacity of a flower midst a tomato plant---love that! And your kitty is so predictable--seems they also pick the weirdest spots to occupy, don't they? And have fun with your knitting. Yup, I'm still envying your gorgeous work!