Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

* Carson the Wonder Dog - I swear he literally flys instead of running!- was the dog who killed the baby cats a year ago when they were dumped onto our property sometime during the night and made their way up to the dog run. Carson doesn't let anything into HIS run! Except Briscoe. So when we had to bring Gilligan, the lone survivor of the kittens, into the house when he had his surgery to become a gentleman cat, I feared for Gilligan's life. He wasn't all that big at that time and Carson is a powerfully built Golden Retriever, to say the least. I didn't need to worry. Here is what these two spend the entire day doing:

These two are the best of buds. And Gilligan sure can take care of himself!

* It's going to be August on Friday. I know that schools start on the 14th of August here. At least the kids will be gone from the library during the early part of the day. I suppose I whould be glad they are inside and safe from the heat of outdoors and not getting into trouble out there in the world. They swarm in like bees as soon as the doors open and spend their entire allotted hour on Facebook or one of the other websites that provide 'hookup' ability. Or they play games - violent games - bloody, gory, destroyer games - vampire games - no wonder the kids (not all of them...) have no direction these days. And the only time the juvenile computers are empty is when they automatically shut off 10 minutes before the library closes.

* The Olympics are starting on the 8th of August....I have some problems about them being held in China but that's for another day. I love the Olympics. And this year there will be another Olympics being held during the same time as the ones in China - the Knitting Olympics! We are each making a dishcloth to represent the state we were born in and there will be a Parade of the Dishcloths around the Yarn shop at the Opening Ceremonies on the 8th. And the Closing Ceremonies will include a Parade as well....if one must be silly, do it right! Thanks to Lisa, the owner of One City Market - my favorite yarn store in the entire world!- we are going to have plenty of chances for silly. There will be several events we can compete in and even some judging - we've been advised that 2 of the judges are non-knitters and will be looking at the "Cute Factor". I might have a chance at a medal!

*Keep watching this blog for further info about a competition this Fall that is a hoot! I can't talk much about it cause Lisa reads my blog and she isn't to know details...Suffice to say, there are poles holding up the front porch on the yarn shop and teams are being formed to 'decorate' a pole. The public is invited to vote on their favorite pole by putting money in a bucket at the bottom of their favorite pole. The team whose pole collects the most money will win prizes. There will also be judging by local dignitaries. And all the money collected will go to a local charity to support at least one family during the holidays. I've put together a knockout team of myself and 4 other ladies! We've already got our theme, ordered our patterns, and divided up the work. I'm so jazzed about the Pole Competition...can't for the life of me remember what Lisa named it...anyway...look for more info and picture late in the Fall.

Ok...I've rambled enough. Thanks for stopping by....

* I know I'm probably nuts....but when I heard about the earthquake in California yesterday, I got homesick! I was born there and lived there for the first 10 years, just north of Los Angeles, and then spent 25 years of my adult life in San Diego....and I sorta miss earthquakes. Now, tornadoes scare the crap out of me...I think I've experienced only one hurricane (while stationed in the Philippines in 1979)...I don't think what we have here in Missouri or what we had in Rhode Island could have been classified as a blizzard...the only severe weather I really know about is earthquakes and tornadoes. Of the two, tornadoes scare me more...much more. So, I was homesick for California for a bit yesterday.


Jill Knotwell said...

How fun for you to get to do such fun things! I am busy knitting away and loving it :)

Dawn said...

Gilligan and Carson are soooooo cute! They can come and play with our Golden Retriever and cats anytime. We'd/they'd love it. My kids would love that. But wow, they would so not love having to start school on the 14th of Aug. UGH!

Quiltersal said...

And don't forget Briscoe, out other Golden Retriever....I'm surrounded by fur people - all of them males. Not a female in the house except me!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I'm glad your two are getting along so well. We can't have cats on the farm because they don't last long. Something always seems to get them. Either the coyotes or the cars zooming past.
I hate to see summer wind down. I am trying to enjoy each and every moment.
I'm glad I was able to catch up with you tonight. It's always such a pleasure!