Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Neverending Ice - Maybe

It seems we just get the ice melted, and the roads cleared, and my nerves back on the mend, and we get more storms. They are telling us that we should expect more ice and rain tomorrow into Friday. Dangit! That means I can't go to work. (Can you see me tearing up?????) I will have to stay home and work on the finishing the setting of the Black and White BOM from 2005 and knit on my new hoodie sweater. Or, I could work on a bag for Jill, or an apron for her, or something for one of the grandkids. Ah, well, I'll figure out something to do if it turns out that the library will be closed cause of weather again.

On another note, I finished John's winter cap. Note here, the happy guy wearing his new hat.
It looks kinda nice, doesn't it? It is double layer so it's nice and warm. He says it is a bit small around the widest part (perhaps because he is so smart his head is bigger?) so if I wanted to make another one, I could make it a bit looser? I've already got the yarn to make another, and a plan to make it a bit bigger, AND I'm going to make it 2 different colors so it will be reversible! How about that?
I took a class last night from a wonderful knitting teacher/designer. Vanessa Montileone is a Master Knitter here in the Springfield area. She has been published and continues to teach in the area, in spite of having another fulltime job outside the knitting realm. She designed a hoodie sweater that is just TO DIE FOR and agreed to teach it at One City Market (My FAVORITE!!! yarn shop). She even had to do some adjustments to the basic pattern for my particular shape and size (what a honey!). There were 17 of us in the class last night. Poor Vanessa has to go between 3 rooms in the shop to get to us all. I've got 2 weeks to get the 2 fronts and the back done before the next class. Will try to post a picture soon.
I had another brain malfunction yesterday...I signed up for Sock Madness 2. I think there might be over 200 people participating in this newest sock battle. They say there will be 6 or 7 different sock patterns that will be worked up during the course of the competitiion. And, get this, you need to do the socks in a size 7 to size 9. I wear a size 10. So I won't even be making socks for myself! Everyone who participates, even if they are eliminated in early rounds, will receive a copy of every pattern in the competition. We just had to agree to respect the copyrights of the designers and not give the patterns out. I can do that! This competition starts on March 13-ish so I have plenty of time to limber up my sock-knitting fingers!
More later. Have a warm day.


John Knotwell said...

Dude... that's a stylin' hat! Keep them ears warm.

Lisa Boyer said...

Very nice hat! Love the colors. I am sooo jealous; we don't have knitting classes here. We barely have a yarn shop! I guess maybe there are some advantages to living in the colder climes--nice yarn shops!

I surfed your son's family blog a little bit--what a nice family.

OCM Lisa said...

Great hat, great lookin guy. The reversible one is going to be soooo cool.
I'm stuck at home today as my driveway is impassible (sp?). Needless to say, the shop is closed.
Hope you are all safe and warm and have plenty of knitting to keep you busy (busy hands are happy hands ya know).