Sunday, February 10, 2008

Battle of the Soxes Update

As of yesterday, the 9th of February, I am dead in Battle! John called me at work to tell me that I had received a package from Maine...My Assassin, Sara, did an amazingly creative job of delivering my socks.

This was attached to the socks themselves, as though the house had fallen on them.
And just after I opened the package, there was the following picture staring at me.
On the outside of the package, on the back, was a delightful conversation between Dorothy and Toto about going to Missouri, and maybe they might get caught up in a big wind and they might fall on some knitters....just too funny! I'm hoping Sara gets the Most Creative Delivery Award!
Needless to say, I am both glad and sad to be dead! My victim received her socks on Friday and I received mine on Saturday so once I get her unfinished socks, assuming she wasn't finished yet, then I will send those socks on to Sara to finish. I get a headache just thinking about the route that the final pair of socks will take to get to their intended victim (and the eventual winner).
On to much more fun things...we got an email from a former shipmate of John's. He is leaving the Navy and will be driving from Texas to his home in New York City in early March. Sean's wife, Caryn, and daughter will be flying home and Sean and the cat, Holly, are driving and stopping along the way to see us and another friend in Ohio. We are hoping he will spend the night so he and John can spend some time talking about 'the old days'!!! Haven't seen Sean since we left Rhode Island at the end of 2002. Hard to believe John's been retired for 5 years; the Navy is such a long part of our life, it's hard to think of ourselves as civilians.
Ok. enough rambling for today. I just wanted you all to know that I've been killed by a pair of Wicked Witch Killer Zap socks. And they are lovely, and they are warm, and they are my favorite color!
More later.

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Lisa Boyer said...

That was so clever!!! Weren't those the colors of the Wicked Witch's stockings when the house fell on her? Do I remember them taking off the ruby slippers from socks like that? They are wonderful! What a clever girl. Love the green and black!