Monday, February 11, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Today we awoke to freezing rain, sleet, and ice. The temperature might get to 34 degrees for an hour or so, and then they expect another round of rain, wind, sleet, and ice later this afternoon and into the evening. I'm such a weenie about ice that John was going to take me into work an hour early and our next door neighbor, and my office partner, agreed to bring me home when he got off work. Just as I'd finished making my lunch and packing my knitting, the director called to tell me that she had decided to keep the library closed and not to come in. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! John still went to work and I'll worry about him till he drives into the garage, but the dogs, cat, and I are inside, warm, and watching the accumulation of ice on the deck and the trees. Here's just a taste of what we see when we look outside.

This wheel is the one for the BBQ on the back deck. I don't think John will want to BBQ tonight. The deck rails are covered in ice, probably about 1/4" thick. They say we will get another 1/4" to 1/2" tonight. How about a picture out the front door? This is the elm tree outside my studio can hear the cracking of the ice when the breeze blows....eerie, creepy, and sad. Poor tree, it went thru the ice storm of January 2007 and only lost 2 branches...hopefully it won't lose more this week.
I'm off to make some hot chocolate...then work on finishing the knitted winter hat for John...hoping to finish it before the winter is over.


Lisa Boyer said...

WHAT??!!! No BARBECUE tonight? Hrmpphhhh...well, there goes my plans for the evening. What am I gonna do with all this potato salad???

John Knotwell said...

I love the ice... and the snow and all things cold... like my heart!