Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Melt

We're melting!!!!! The sun finally came out today and, although they tell us the temperature won't get up too high, the ice is melting. I can hear huge chunks of ice sliding down the outside of the house. It's driving the dogs nuts! They, of coure, don't know whether they should try to protect me from whatever is making the noise, or go hide cause it's scary-sounding. Big weenies! Oops, did you hear that? A huge chunk just dropped off the roof, splaaaat...thunk, onto the front porch.

I have to work today, teaching an internet class at the library, and then working the front desk. Thank goodness John left me the truck with the 4wd...I suspect our gravel road out to the main road into town is mushy and slick rich now. And the little hill to get to the main road is a bugger!

I finished John's winter hat yesterday. And it fits! He wore it last evening when we drove into town to pick up the Explorer from the mechanic. It was in for new read brakes (a good thing to have in working order if you have to drive anywhere off your own property). Poor man, he had to get the car started, then let it run for about 20 minutes to warm up the engine and try to melt some of the ice off the windows from the inside. He broke 3 ice scrapers this week. The ice on the windows of the Explorer was probably a half inch thick. All the while he was scraping, he wore his hat...told me when we got home that his head was warm and toasty while he was scraping ice. Don't ya just love it when your gifts are really appreciated?

Well, off to get ready for work. More later.

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Lisa Boyer said...

OMG! Besides freezing to death, you actually have to worry about being beaned by falling ice? I wouldn't last a winter. Warm melty thoughts to you...but stay safe! Scary!