Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 46 - Fall Weather

Fall weather is now upon us...thank goodness!  The heat and humidity of summer is, apparently, gone and we are enjoying the cooler temps.  Mom and I sat out on the front porch the other day and knitted for about an hour. The breeze made the flagpole flap and we agreed it was a most lovely sound.
I finally did some more fall decorating this past week. We'd had these trees in the entryway for literally 10 or more years.  But the bottom was just a metal stand - quite unattractive!  So I took some burlap and some squished packing paper and gathered it all up onto the trunk and fastened it with some sparkly fall-colored ribbons and Voila!  It looks like it just came from the nursery and is awaiting planting!

While I was on a roll, I worked up this lovely tray for the morning room table.  We had gotten the tray, a rustic metal and wooden one, from Hobby Lobby and I wanted a new display for the table.  Add a miasma of autumn-colored silk flowers and you have a beautiful table decoration.  Even if I DO say so myself, it's quite pretty.

Last weekend the folks who were processing chickens were able to process 51 of them.  They were our friend's chickens.  This weekend, they did ours.  We had 34 chickens to process.  We started out with 37 but lost 3 over the course of the last 8 weeks.  Not bad really.  All the chooks (I love this term...from my Australian friend, Jennifer!) were processed and set into an icebath.  Once rigor mortis had passed thru the bodies (takes about 18-24 hours), they are now able to weigh and bag them.  I'm suspecting ours will come in at around 6-7 pounds each.  A lovely size for a family dinner with bones left for making stock!  I'll be out in the garage moving frozen items around in the 3 freezers to make room for this batch.  And we have chicken for almost a year!

I'm working on a Christmas stocking for mom...evidently, she never did get a stocking from me all those years ago when I was a stocking-making machine.  Well, time to correct that oversight!  I had several kits and she picked out the one she wants.  Here is a picture of the package.

Of course, it won't say Eric.  I've embroidered out a 'nameplate' that says Bette and will applique it there.  I like doing these...they do, however, take time.  This one will zip along quite quickly, though, cause there are only 37 pieces to it.  Will show it once it's done.

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Jennifer said...

I love your fall decorations - those flowers are setting my little heart a-flutter as we speak! Meanwhile we are looking forward to, not really, but we don't have much choice, do we? Glad to hear you like 'chooks', it's quite an old term here; I found out it was first used in print in Australia in 1855.