Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 48 - Fall Trees and a SuperMoon

Most of the autmnal color has gone away in this part of the Ozarks.  Sometimes, though, I see a splash of orange or red that catches my eye and makes me stop what I'm doing and enjoy the last vestiges of Autumn before we enter the cold season.  I was at the drive-thru banking window the other day and I looked around and saw this:
 In real life, it's much more vibrant than this picture depicts. It made my heart smile.

This past week we were able to see the SuperMoon.  Living in the country, I don't think it was as large and awesome as folks who live in the city saw it.  That's just my guess, though.  It was a normal-sized moon here...pretty, none-the-less.

I took this just as the moon was our east and you can see our grove of trees just below the moon.  Shortly after that, the clouds moved in and obscured the view.  It looks like the moon is hanging from a small cloud, doesn't it?

Our Gilligan is what we call an Up cat...he always wants to be up....hates being on the ground....I think that comes from his kittenhood...what we first adopted him, we were always holding him and he came to accept that as his due. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here...yes, once I typed this, I heard the song in my head....and it won't go away!  Darned earworms!!!

Was in mom's room and saw the Post Office truck go by...not unusual but today is mail delivery, normally.  John came in a few minutes later with packages in hand.  Evidently, Amazon is trying a new program with the post office and they will be delivering every Sunday till after Christmas...we are in a test zone and got several packages today.  
I'm told by Mr. Wonderful that there were more packages delivered but since it's That Time of Year, I'm not to ask too many questions.  These packages were ones addressed to me or to Knotwell Family Christmas....or to Dad Knotwell Birthday.  I'm allowed to handle those!  

Well, the laundry buzzer is making itself heard throughout the land and I need to get some more things done around here.  This next week I am on and I are going to bake cookies, gingerbread, candy...and, of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday.  Should have some great pictures to share from this week when next we meet. In the meantime, 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful tree - I love it, even if that is its last blast of colour! No, we thought the supermoon (when we eventually saw it through clouds the following night) wasn't any more special than usual. Gilligan, you are a gorgeous boy, I have a soft spot for ginger kitties.