Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 45 - Happy Halloween (one day early)

Mom and I went on a mini adventure yesterday. We started at a PopUp Shop that my friend and knitting mentor, Lisa, was doing.  It's hard to explain a PopUp Shop - basically several shops get together and just 'appear' at a vacant storefront for the day.  Folks drop in and shop and at the end of the day, the shop is vacated again.  You never know where or when they will PopUp again.

This PopUp Shop took place in Nixa - about 40 miles southwest of us.  We drove to the locale and started browsing.  Bought some yarn - Lisa sells yarn at her yarn shop, One City Market - and then browsed in a shop next door.  Anjie's Boutique knew about the PopUp going on and prepared for it with mimosas and spiced/spiked apple cider and mini muffins.  They are a high end women's boutique. We each found a cute top and then drove back home.

All the time we were gone, John was killing chickens!  Between us and our neighbor there were 86 chickens that needed a trip to Freezer Camp.  There were evidently 7 folks over there working different processes...

In the background, you can see the Kill Zone with the cones and the yellow wheelbarrow.  The Blue thing to the left is the WhizBang Chicken can see how it works on  Fascinating!
And here you have chickens being cooled down really fast.  
Today they weighed and bagged 51 chickens.  All those belong to our neighbor, John and his family.  Next weekend, they will process our 35 chickens...and we will be set for chickens for the winter!

On another note, John's 7 Brown Leghorn chickens are finally venturing out of the barn during the day. He leaves the barn door open and only recently have they started to come out. I call the rooster Foghorn.  Here he is with his 6 ladies, the Harem.
Ever since we moved here, I've wanted a flag pole.  But the farm was the priority and John just didn't have time to install one.  When Mom moved in with us, she really wanted a flag pole and she decided that she was going to make it happen.  We ordered a flagpole and flag, a Navy flag, and a solar light.  Then we called my handyman and asked him if he could do it.  In all its glory, here is our new flag pole, folks.  Ain't it purdy?
Thank you all for stopping by. 

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Jennifer said...

We have pop-up shops here too - some will be setting up just before Christmas, in time for folks to do their gift shopping! Seeing the chicken production line is interesting; here in our town we have a chicken processing factory, it's always been a big local industry. Lovely shot of your house with the flag pole in front, now I have seen where you live!