Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 47 - A Happy Birthday Surprise, 3 Weeks Early

First, let's get the election crap out of the way.  I'm appalled at the actions of so many so-called Americans who feel that the way to show their unhappiness at the outcome is to name-call, loot, riot, burn, and generally have major temper tantrums.  It's not going to change the outcome.  I was raised that I was to cast my vote and then accept what ended up being the decision.  I was raised that we, as Americans have the luxury of being able to change our government once every 4 years.  I was NOT raised to damage other peoples' property just because the candidate I favored lost the election.  I was NOT raised to call people names just because disagreed with their opinion or how they voted. I saw something the other day that made sense, in a weird way.  It was a cartoon of all these rioters gathered in the street and the caption said, "That's what happens when everyone gets a trophy for participating." No one has to accept defeat anymore.  Folks don't understand, or maybe care, that there are two sides to every decision, election, or question.  And usually one side 'loses'.  That's not an excuse to pillage.  Get over it, folks... remember that when Obama won in 2008 and 2012, there were no riots, there were no protests.  Grow up...And to think we get to do this again in 4 years.  Sheesh!

On to happier things.  On Friday, which was not only Veteran's Day (thank you to everyone who served or is still serving.  Thank you for making the sacrifice of family, home, hot food, and relative safety) it was also a day to celebrate John's birthday - albeit 3 weeks early.  I had been secretly arranging to purchase him his very own brand spanking new tractor, brush hog, and hay spike.  Well, all things finally aligned and they were delivered on Friday evening.  He sure was surprised.  Can you tell?

Too close?  How about this?

Now he can cut down the tall grasses without borrowing our neighbor's tractor and brush hog...and he can put hay out for the cows, too.

Our neighbor across the road put this out the other day. Can you see his festive neckwear?  It makes me happy.

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Lisa Boyer said...

Well said, Sally. That trophy comment is so right on! Congrats on your new addition.

Jennifer said...

Just what every bloke dreams of......a birthday tractor!