Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 44 - In Which One Gets Older

No, it wasn't my birthday. But it WAS someone's....Our youngest granddaughter, C, turned 4 this past week.  She is sassy, and smart, and totally the baby of the family and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Aren't those dimples To Die For?  Happy, Happy Birthday, Miss Bear Bear!  

On another note, her daddy is up for re-election this November.  He has already served 2 terms in the House of Representatives and it thrills me when I see his name on the Utah ballot.  

While we don't get to vote in Utah, it's still fairly obvious that we would definitely vote for him if we could!

And one last anyone who says that knitting is a hobby?  I have this to say:
I'm certainly ready if the time comes...both in needles AND yarn.  Bring it on!

Have a wonderful week, my friends. Thanks for stopping by.

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